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Sit is one of the most important commands you can teach your dog because it is the bridge to so many more commands.
Something that's important for all animals to be able to do is answer a command (or do tricks).
Do not run in front of that car!) or just be something funny that your dog does for attention (Dance!).
Since it's Pets Month here at Instructables I thought I'd make an Instructable showing how I taught my dog to do 2 important commands, and two not so important ones.Yay! A short leash is holding it as if it was only long enough to go from your hand to the dog's collar.

Keeping this in mind at all times is a start toward earning your dog's respect and trust. It may help to tire a hyperactive dog with a brisk walk first, so that excess energy does not get in the way. Jog with the dog instead of walking it, and of course provide it with plenty of fresh water. Since the dog seems to be used to having it's own way, this may take a little time, but do not relent until they do as you tell them. Set the container of treats on the floor with a treat on top, but do not let the dog take the treat.

By doing this, you are claiming the treats as yours and yours alone, and denying any sense of entitlement the dog may feel. To the dog, it is the same as when another dog stands over food and growls if another gets nearby. The dog does not get the treat, nor even close to it, until the behavior of not trying to steal the treat has been performed to your satisfaction, including how long you want them to do it.

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