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Agility training allows you to bond with your dog while putting its natural instincts to work. Because jumping is natural for dogs, training with agility jumps makes an excellent starting activity. Teach your dog to jump by placing a pole on the ground and tossing a treat over while giving your chosen command. Attach a long training leash to the dog's collar and use the leash to guide the dog through while encouraging it and showing it a treat or toy.
Gradually work your way towards setting the pole on the ground between the wings of the jump and encouraging the dog to jump over it.

Teach your dog to follow your hand when you hold a treat or toy and gradually build up to teaching the dog to follow your empty hand for a reward at the end of the exercise. Learn how to use the most common types of agility training equipment, including jumps, tunnels, and weave poles, before you start training your dog. Once the dog is accustomed to the equipment, lift one side of the pole to make the jump more challenging.
Use your hand to guide the dog around the poles, starting with two poles and gradually increasing the number. Once the dog has mastered the open tunnel, use the same technique to train it on the closed tunnel.

Do not allow a small or medium breed dog younger than a year or a large or giant breed dog younger than 18 months to jump because it can affect healthy joint and skeletal development.

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