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If you want your dog to be able to jump up sometimes, but not others, you should put it on cue. Here are some ways to manage your dog’s behavior while he is learning good manners, or in a situation where you think the people will not respect your rules.
Follow these simple rules and you will be on your way to a politer, calmer dog that is a model canine citizen. Kristina has owned everything from horses and goats to guinea pigs and birds and of course, dogs and cats. 10 Necklaces Dog Lovers Can’t Stop Talking About!17 CommentsA Dog Left His Toy Outside And A Fox Found It. Soon, through these repetitions and the help of your friends, your dog will have learned a new habit (conditioned response) and a new, more acceptable way of greeting your guests when they enter your home. If your dog learns he has to sit for attention, then he can’t jump up—it’s not physically possible for him to do both at the same time.
Your dog is jumping on people because he wants something – attention, food, play time, to sniff them, etc.

For example, if you want him to sit for attention, wait until your dog stops jumping and sits and then give him lots of praise and pets.
Especially those annoying people that say “it’s okay, I don’t mind if your dog jumps on me.” If you can’t reason with the people, then you will have to manage the situation so your dog does not get the chance to practice the bad behavior and, worse, possibly be rewarded for practicing the bad behavior. At home, set up baby gates, close doors or put your dog in a crate when people are coming over so he cannot rush to the door and pummel them as soon as you open it. If you know your friends can’t handle following the rules, maybe your dog does not get to greet them while he is in training. Have them ring your doorbell, and before you open the door, take your dog to his bed, give him a tasty treat, and attach the waiting leash to his collar. Every person that comes into contact with your dog has to follow these rules (even strangers on the street). This gives you time to explain the new rules, get everyone settled and make sure your dog is not going to practice any bad behavior.
If he must say hi, you can keep a leash on your dog and step on it, so he can’t physical jump up on them.  This also works great on walks when a complete strangers walks up too fast for you to explain the rules or get your dog to sit.

You wouldn’t let a stranger approach your child in any way they want—treat your dog with the same care.
Otherwise, the behavior ends up being on a variable reinforcement schedule (in other words, your dog gets rewarded when he jumps on people sometimes and sometimes he doesn’t).
Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell people they cannot pet your dog, or that they need to wait until he is being appropriate before saying hi. Kristina has written for the pet industry since 2009, writing about everything from training and behavior to DIY projects.

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