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At home, when training sessions are done, say “all done” and put away your clicker and give your dog the rest of the treats.
Sometimes, dogs will bite and tug on their leash when it’s time to turn around and go home from a fun walk. Dog Training Nation strives to provide you the best dog training and other dog-related tips in the industry.
If you become sidetracked by a chatting neighbor or an adorable puppy, still click and treat your dog for good manners using the below tips. By rewarding this behavior, your excited dog will learn two things: it pays to stop biting the leash and self-control.

We cover a range of topics, from socializing puppies to dealing with aggressive dog behavior to selecting the best dog products.
The pet parent is chatting away with her neighbor and her pooch is saying, “Um, I want to keep playing” or “I just sat and laid down. Users choose how to allocate their money between two pre-set baskets -- a stock basket and a bond basket.
If your dog grabs and tugs on the leash while you’re walking her, she really, honestly does like holding things in her mouth and playing Tug. Social behaviors are usually reinforced by the attention we give them, even if it’s annoyed attention.

Most of the time, when I see someone with a dog who plays Leash Tug, the script goes more or less like this:[Dog is walking with all four feet on floor and nothing in her mouth.

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