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1) If the barking has to do with separation anxiety, the best way of tackling the problem is to teach the dog to adapt. 4) Non-collar anti-barking devices like Dog Silencer Pro or, a face wrap can similarly be used.
Flying with your pet is becoming so much more common that large airports are starting to create animal airline terminals. Despite it being a form of communication, we can’t overlook the fact that some dogs bark excessively, especially when left alone.

To do this, imitate your usual departure routine and leave for a few seconds before coming back.
As such, if your dog tends to bark when they see something through the window or fence, the best solution would be to put up blinds or, bring them indoors rather than outdoors. While the anti-barking device sends high pitched sounds that only dogs can hear hence deterring them from barking, a face wrap applies gentle pressure on the dog hence calming them. This is because the dog identifies with these familiar sounds and whenever they are on, the feeling of being alone and lonely ceases to exist.

You may go further and leave some treats inside the puzzle such as Kong toy so that the dog can work towards getting the treats out. In case you have a busy schedule, you can have a dog walker come and take the dog out for a walk.

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