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Then, a year later, came puppy Socrates, and I realized that I had not mastered puppy chewing. In my opinion, of the four canine life stages (puppy, adolescent, adult and senior), puppies tend to have the most issues with inappropriate chewing. Typically from 4 to 6 months of age, dogs begin to lose their baby teeth, and it can take another four months for all their adult teeth to grow in. Let’s take a look at why puppies chew and what you can do if your puppy is a Socrates and not a Winston.

If you keep the bone frozen, it lengthens the overall chewing time and provides maximum relief. Some puppies may mouth their owners when seeking attention, as perhaps at one point in their life this behavior was inadvertently reinforced. Or, perhaps some puppies have not developed impulse control and begin to mouth their owners when they become overstimulated. Then switch!2) Make sure you're not accidentally playing 'chase' with your dog when its chewing on something its not supposed to!

Tons of smart puppies learn quickly to get to play chase, all they have to do is grab something that doesn't belong to them !3) You can use a taste deterrent, but make sure to try them first yourself!
Some puppies get sick from them.4) Make sure your puppy has enough great and satisfying chew toys.

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