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The key to managing this behavior is to give your puppy good choices to chew on: toys that are meant just for his sore gums.
As with little kids, dogs have a hard time knowing how to direct boredom, pent up energy, or stress. I was talking to my neighbor the other day about Lucy, our puggle dog and how she is chewing on practically everything these days. My neighbor suggested that we either get her a new chew toy, like a puppy kong  that I can stuff with peanut butter or some sort of treat, stick in the freezer for a bit, and then give to her to keep her busy. I have an Akita, definitely a completely different type of dog, but they are notorious for chewing destructively!
My friend has a lab that when she was a puppy had a bad habit of chewing on electrical cords so to stop this she put oil of cloves on the cords and the shewing stopped. I had the same problem with my beagle, and not to be discouraging, but with him, he was still chewing on all my beautiful shoes when he was five years old.

I’m not too sure about the problem with chewing, but my little doggy had to have an overnight stay at the vet due to poisoning from chewing on a Sharpie.
There is a spray you can get that tastes bad & is supposed to deter the dog from chewing. Often they resort to some sort of compulsive or obsessive behavior like chewing or digging.
For more ideas about this, see our article on how to constructively occupy your dog's time. Examples include the introduction of new pets or people into the house, a change in your dog’s or your schedule, a new piece of furniture or rearranged room, or even a change in your cleaning products or cologne.
Wild dogs mouth as a way to get food from older dogs and of course to play, but it can sure become a bad habit in a hurry, so be patient, and consistant.
For example, last week one of them figured out how to push a bench next to the kitchen counter, hop up on it, and steal a 3 lb bag of apples.

That has stopped all chewing, herding and food possessiveness in our dog – within just two weeks! The instructor at puppy school told me that they grow out of their chewing stage at around 7 months old–give or take a month. Also, we were taught by our trainer not to give any attention to the chewing or destructive behavior, because dogs often cant differentiate between negative or positive behavior. But, during that first year on top of the sidng debaucle he also pulled all the wiring out for the truck hitch and got bored again and while chasing a cat under the other truck pulled more wires out from that to the tune of 700 bucks in repair. Instead replace the item that she isn’t suppose to be chewing with the item she should be.

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