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You may also be able to build cages around the plants using chicken wire or other products that will cut off access to plants.
If you aren't sure how to crate train your dog, read this helpful wikiHow article on the subject.
Many different types of crates are available, and dogs should have toys, food, and water with them inside.
Pay attention to your dog's behavior while confined, as some dogs may get stressed out from confinement. To keep the dog from eating your plants outside using the clicker, bring him outside and if he approaches the plants, signal him to come to you and give a click and a treat the moment that he does so. Always be sure to use non-toxic substances to keep dogs away id it is used in a manner where dogs may ingest them. Enlist the help of a dog trainer for leash training if your dog has trouble getting used to running.
This version of How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Your Plants was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on July 31, 2015.
One way of keeping dogs from eating houseplants is simply to move them to a location that is out of the dog's reach. Clickers can help your dog understand commands more quickly as well as get their attention quickly.
Many dogs avoid the smell of citrus, so if you dilute lemon juice half with water and use a spray bottle to mist it onto your plants, this might deter your dog from eating your houseplants.

If your dog tends to eat your houseplants when you are not there to discourage him from doing so, keep the dog confined to spaces where there aren't any houseplants while you aren't available to supervise.[6] This can be a room with a door you can close or a pet crate. If you let your dog near outdoor plants that you don't want him to eat, use remote punishment to condition him to avoid them as you can for indoor plants as well. Bitter Apple and Bitter Yuck are commercially available sprays meant to be sprayed on anything you want to discouraging your dog from chewing on. Use aluminum foil, pine cones, chicken wire, or any other items to create a barrier in front of plants the dog is eating. Using something like bird netting, cover the plants that the dog tries to eat to keep him from being able to do so. If you cannot keep your dog from eating your plants, you might wish to consider getting rid of some plants that can be especially harmful to dogs. Dogs may exhibit unwanted behaviors due to a lack of exercise.[18] If you make it a point to play with your dog regularly to expend his excess energy, he will likely be less interested in eating plants in the yard or in the house.
Walking your dog not only gives him some great exercise, it also stimulates his mind because of unfamiliar sights and sounds you may encounter on the walk.
For a more significant workout that will expend more of your dog's energy and hopefully discourage him from eating plants, try running your dog. You can find an extensive list of commonly toxic plants for dogs at the ASPCA website here.
When your dog approaches your houseplants, a motion-sensitive device will trigger, scaring the dog away from the plants, and reinforcing the idea that he should probably leave them alone.

If you are having a hard time getting your dog to stop eating indoor plants, consider getting rid of toxic plants so that your dog does not actually ingest them and become ill. This punishment could be administered by the dog's owner or caretaker standing at a distance so the dog does not know the punishment is coming from them or via the use of remote punishment products, such as motion-sensitive alarms, water sprayers or other deterrents. Make noise with the clicker at the instant your dog does the behavior you want him to do and immediately reward him with a high-value treat, such as a piece of cheese or meat or his favorite cookie.
Use an extendable leash that is retractable, giving the dog lots of room to investigate what he encounters.
These devices come in many varieties, sometimes with an air horn or both an air horn and a chemical deterrent. You can also use chili pepper sauce diluted with water in a spray bottle to mist on plants you want to discourage dogs from eating. Vinegar and ammonia will also work to keep dogs away from areas where they are not welcome, but these substances cannot be sprayed directly on plants or they will die.

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