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I relate to the terror and frustration a pet parent experiences with a dog that habitually escapes, because my first dog, a Wire Fox Terrier named Scooter, was an escape enthusiast from puppyhood. Like Scooter, many dogs treat a door as if it were an escape hatch, rather than a boundary. But not all dogs that dash are intact males, meaning there's more to the equation than hormones for many pooches. This video by Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution presents an incredible and effective method of training your dog not to run out of the front door. On a daily basis at our dog obedience training facility in Northern Virginia, we work with dogs so they stop running out of the door. ANYONE who has trained with us, has seen us incorporate the door manners into our training, we literally do this with every single dog we train. I have included just a few clips of our door manners training in the video below; however, if you look at our YouTube Channel, you will literally see this in over 200+ of our videos. Initially, you will feel this is very tedious, because they will probably get up a lot; however, just stick to it.

For some canines, a door is only a door; for others, it's an opening with access to freedom, whether it's the car door or a fence gate. I screamed what must have been a fear-gripped scream, because she turned her head to look at me midstride, and the car's tire ran, at that exact moment, over the spot where Scooter's head otherwise would have been. The behavior is extremely dangerous, as the dog can be injured, ingest harmful items, become lost, get stolen or worse.
Innately, some dogs prefer to stay closer to people, while others are less inhibited about venturing farther away on their own. In this light, you are teaching your dog patience and while in the process, you too should have patience with your dog. Dogs bred to be independent and work at a distance, such as some terriers and many hunting breeds, are often more likely to dash and run than dogs bred for closer contact with humans, such as those bred for companionship. Of course, during the beginning of the training, the dog showed absolutely clear intent to go immediately outside once the door opened. Dogs bred to hunt and track, such as scenthounds and sighthounds, can have a propensity to bolt as they catch smells or sights that lure them to give chase, often over great distances.

If your dog is not yet familiar with these commands, it’s best that you treat those as your initial steps. Because it’s very basic pack leadership, the alpha male and dominant member is always in the front.
You can repeat this until you get to open the door completely while your dog stays in its position. By doing the tiny steps that come with every reward, your dog will also understand that as it obeys your instructions, it will get positive results.

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