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It is actually a very common thing for a dog and pup eating habits is also called Coprophagia.
However, for reasons of hygiene and health (intestinal parasites), is a good idea to stop your dog from eating poop. If the dog is left alone all day, very little contact with humans, and very few activities that can be done, then the only option is to entertain them by eating poop. Harsh toilet training techniques might cause some adult dogs or puppies eat their own poop, in an effort not to get angry or punishment of the owner. Make sure kibble they have good sources of protein derived from meat, instead of wheat, which is more difficult to digest for dogs. If no pooped in our environment, the dog certainly will not have the opportunity to take the pup.

One of the most common ways to stop eating habits pup, is to make sense poop be uncomfortable for the dog. However, this only works when we have time for full control at home and in this way only target to stop eating poop, but not solve the problem at the source.
Some dogs just eat their own poop, the other dogs like to eat another dog pooped pup or even other animals. Stay away from kibble that contains gluten (eg wheat gluten or corn gluten), which can cause intestinal problems and may contain contaminants. Besides being used to prevent the dogs eat poop, this command can also help us prevent it from eating food that is dangerously or not good for him as house plants that may be toxic to him or human food should not be eaten. For example, one of the triggers feel uneasy or anxious dogs are vet visits, which may be because they have an unpleasant experience with it or for dogs that have separation anxiety severe enough, may take a pup when left alone at home.

It’s important to train a puppy as early as possible to not take themselves so as not to be poop habit when he grows later.
It will produce a better quality of life for everyone, and will stop eating behavior pup resulting from stress. What they think is fragrant and tastes good, it can be very different from what we think is fragrant and tastes good. Different dogs have anxiety, fear, and different stressors that can result raises their own poop eating behavior.

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