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Dog chewing is one of those persistent problems that many dog owners tolerate on a daily basis.
There are a couple different types of dog chew deterrents available: taste deterrents such as Earth Friendly Products Pet Training Aid and dog area repellents such as SHOO! Chewing is a destructive behaviour that is not always caused by a dog’s need to chew. While muzzles might seem like a good solution to problem chewing, they should only ever be used temporarily.
Treat balls or toy treat dispensers, such as Dog Games puzzle toys, are fun for all dogs and can keep your pet interested for a while. Interactive dog toys are designed to keep your dog busy while you are unable to play with them. Plenty of owners observe this common behavior in their dogs and wonder if they should be concerned. Allergic skin disease is the most common reason why canines lick and chew their feet on a chronic basis. Many dogs who lick and chew their feet over long periods of time will also do so because it apparently feels good to them.
The first thing to do is make sure that the feet are not swollen, red, or appear dry or flaky. Should this be a physical ailment that the dog is experiencing, your local veterinarian will be able to assist you.

If the problem persists or you feel the animal is endangering himself, then it is best to call a veterinarian. Often pet owners need to try many different types and textures of chew toys to find one their dog really likes. Quite often, problem chewers are seeking attention, dealing with separation anxiety, or reacting to a change in their environment that is causing stress. Pets will chew their paws if they have severe dry skin, food or environmental allergies, pain caused by a thorn or cut, or if they are bored or stressed. Help your dog and improve your home life by following these tips on how to stop a dog from chewing. In some cases, dogs will gently but insistently lick one or both paws, but other canines will go so far as to chew on their toes, which can be disconcerting for any pet owner. In these cases, the feet (especially of light-colored dogs) will often look stained a pink or rusty color, which is the result of chronic contact with porphyrin pigments found in saliva. In these cases, vets look for an underlying nonbehavioral disease that may have initially triggered the obsessive behavior.
It is important to assess the situation in order to ensure that there are no physical problems with the animal. Since dogs walk on their paws all day, it is quite possible that he may have stepped in some irritant that is causing the problem. They can examine the animal, prescribe medications, if necessary, and also recommend a behavioral specialist.
However the licking, licking, licking all night long… biting, biting, biting until the skin is raw and bleeding, licking until the fur is a funky pink color, IS NOT NATURAL!

This yeast is kept in check by a healthy immune system and by the healthy flora of the gut tract.
The animal may be licking or chewing in attempts to remove the irritant, only to be actually propagating a further problem. There are several topical products available that you can apply to your pet to get them to stop licking or chewing their paw. If your dog is chewing his paw or any other area, be sure he has enough food, water, and exercise. This yeast feeds on sugars or more precisely the carbs and grains that are converted to sugar by your body. These products have either a smell, such as citronella, or a taste, such as hot sauce or bitterness, that will repel dogs from the area.
However many popular and commercially available dog foods consist of little meat and are overloaded with grains, carbs, corn and cheap fillers. In some cases, a physical restraint collar may also be needed if the area is severely irritated from the constant chewing and needs time to heal. Unfortunately, for our pets, those fillers are just plain garbage that their bodies do not know how to digest.
Arthritis, allergies, or some other internal damage may be causing the animal pain in that area; his response is therefore to try and lick or chew it away.

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