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Use your pet’s extraordinary sense of smell against her to make the chewing or scratching behavior way less enjoyable. Pets will be pets, so you need to give them appropriate (non-shoe) options for chewing and scratching, which are their natural—and unchangeable—behaviors.
For cats, provide more appealing scratching alternatives than your upholstered and wood furniture. We’re sure you’re a fantastic mommy to your pet, but sometimes dogs and cats need a little extra TLC. If startled, your dog should stop in mid-stream, giving you the chance to immediately lead or carry her outside—gently and encouragingly.

Chewing and scratching by dogs and cats can also be rooted in medical problems, so talk to your vet about any changes in behavior. For dogs, furniture and other items can be coated with a taste deterrent (such as Bitter Apple) to make them unappealing.
If your problem scratching area is around doorframes and the wooden legs of desks, consider a piece of cat furniture or post made of cedar, say Drs.
You can even give her a “pedicure” with Soft Claws Nail Caps, which cover a cat’s sharp nails and can make scratching less destructive to your furniture. The Humane Society cautions you should supervise your dog when you first try one of these deterrents: “Some dogs will chew an object even if it’s coated with a taste deterrent.

Sterilized marrow bones and Kong toys can be stuffed with liver treats or cheese, giving a pup hours of entertainment trying to extricate the treats from the toy.
Keep the peace in your home and work with your pooch to prevent his destructive chewing habits. Water isn't harmful, it just startles him, making him want to stay away from that particular piece of furniture.

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