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Household dogs snatching food left sitting out in the kitchen are so common that they've gained a title: counter surfers. Remove TemptationThe easiest way to keep your dog from getting food off the counter or table is to keep all your food put away and wipe food preparation areas after each meal.
Teach Alternative CommandsIf your dog doesn't already know basic obedience commands, begin teaching them. Use Noisemakers to Keep Him AwayYou should keep your dog within eyesight while you are working through training issues, but that isn't always possible.
Provide Plenty of Physical and Mental ExerciseOften, dogs start nosing around on tables and counters out of boredom. Split Your Dog's Mealtime UpA dog who eats only once a day may have more trouble resisting temptation when hours have passed since his last meal.
We have heard it all: the Jack Russell that bounds onto the kitchen counters the second you walk out the door to help herself to all that can be found on the counter to the Beagle that jumps onto the kitchen table to snatch everyone’s lunch. Tattle Tale is another great product that works by sensing vibration on the surface and startles your dog by setting off a two-second alarm.
Follow these training tips and you won’t have to share your delicious steak dinners with your dog on Friday nights anymore!
Once your dog starts jumping up on tables and counters to grab morsels you've left to tempt their wits, it can be a challenge to get him to stop.

While this will keep your dog from stealing food, it won't necessarily keep him from jumping on the table if he is accustomed to nabbing bites to eat from the table. Plus, some dogs are perfectly well-behaved when their humans are present but get bold when they are on their own.
Even if your dog is a healthy weight, he may still get the urge to eat when he smells food.
If your dog “counter surfs”, meaning jumps up to steal food or objects from counter and table tops then we have the download on training tips to stop this unwanted behavior. Keeping your dog from the kitchen is the most simple, efficient method to preventing your dog from learning this horrible behavior. If your dog is older and reliable to be left alone in the home all day, but still has this one terrible habit, then use a booby trap.
When food is present such as at your mealtime, have your dog sit, lay down or go to his bed, and give him a treat when he does.
Placing commercial noisemakers available from the pet store or stacks of empty soda cans around the edges of your table and counter can put a stop to your dog's counter surfing. While you are training your dog to stay off the table, also make sure he is getting plenty of activity in the form of exercise, such as daily walks or trips to the dog park, and mental stimulation such as training sessions. Breaking your dog's food into two or more feedings may make him more content and less likely to go looking for snacks.

If your dog is young and still learning, he should not be left alone in the home without supervision.
Use a crate when you leave, or secure him in a puppy proofed room, or if you will be gone a long time use a dog run outside.
Safe, effective training mats keep pets out of prohibited areas such as furniture, window sills, or counter tops.
Give your dog a delicious treat, tether your dog to a short, un-chewable leash on top of a comfy dog bed and your dog will learn that cooking time means “go- to- bed -and -have -a –treat- time”. Your dog will look forward to the time you spend in the kitchen and instead of focusing on what he is going to steal; he will immediately go to his pillow to chew on his favorite bone.
If your dog is like the Jack Russell Terrier that simply enjoys jumping up and walking around (like a cat) on your countertops, the Mat Jr.

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