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You should be able to slide your hand between the dog’s neck and collar when it is secured in place. While these collars can effective for training a dog, many experts argue that they are dangerous or unnecessary. If you have not done so already, teach your dog the "heel" command (to follow at ones heels on that command).
It better to not use choke collars or pinch collars without first being properly instructed (by a dog trainer, behaviorist or vet) about how to use these training tools properly. This version of How to Stop a Dog from Pulling on Its Leash was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on October 7, 2015. Meet Daniel, a wikiHow author, editor, and Admin from Belgium who has been involved in the community for over 2 years. The Gentle Leader is a head harness made by Premier Pet Products (they make no pull body harnesses as well for flat faced breeds) that will get your dog to stop pulling nearly INSTANTLY with relative ease.  I will be focusing on the head harness in this post because it can be tricky to figure out (it was for me the first time too) and it generally requires some introduction for my patients to accept it. This entry was posted in Dog, Dog Behavior, Dog Pulling, Dog Training, Dog Walking, Leash, Leash Pulling, Uncategorized, Walking by DrMark. Gentle Leaders are a management device to aid in managing your dog’s strength while you teach loose leash walking.

Besides being a minor embarrassment for its human owner, a dog who incessantly pulls at its leash can represent a safety risk to itself and others.
When using this method for training your dog not to pull, make sure you do not use a retractable leash. As the dog catches up to you, click the clicker and drop a treat on the ground before the dog passes you.
The lease attaches to straps around the dog's muzzle so that when the dog pulls, its head will be forced around, facing you.
When training your dog, try using a slip or choke collar under the supervision of a trained expert. Most dog training experts suggest that your dog will respond better to positive reinforcement that it will to negative reinforcement- so keep that in mind when considering using this training tool. This will make it easier for the dog to understand that pulling causes choking, but following does not. It not only teaches your dog to pull, but if your dog runs quickly to the end of the lead, he may give himself a hard jerk.
If your dog wears the head halter around the house, he’ll have plenty of time to work at getting it off, and will eventually succeed.

For example, such a dog may come free of its harness, at which point the owner may have no way to keep it from running into a dangerous area, like a street. This will allow you to train your dog to walk on a leash without having to rely on the choking feeling the dog gets when pulling at its leash. These collars will tighten around the dog’s neck if they pull on the leash, effectively choking them. Because of this, learning how to keep a dog under control while on a leash is a wise decision for nearly all dog owners. Moreover, it will ensure that it learns to stay next to or behind you when walking on its leash. His favorite article he’s worked on is How to Install Software in Ubuntu, and his proudest achievement has been becoming an Admin. The best training is force free because the dog learns to make the right decision while enjoying the learning process and cooperating with you.

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