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I could give other instances where her scatological ways have left me nauseous but some of you might be eating while reading this. Remember, whether we like it or not, dogs are born with a set of instincts that are designed to keep them alive. Shop By Dog Cat Fish Bird Reptile Small Animal Info About Us Testimonials Employment Our Store Concept Monthly Catalogue My Cart Support Contact Us Store Locations & Hours Help & FAQ's Returns & Exchanges Shipping Information Loyalty Rewards About Us My Pet Warehouse is an Australian owned & operated pet retailer that stocks a huge range of pet supplies and accessories online and in-store.
One of the consequences of our unconscious humanising of dogs is that we forget that they have their true nature. As a Dog Listener, it is my job to sometimes simply get people to understand that dogs will be dogs. Rolling in disgusting smells is an example but it is a short nose behind eating their own (or other animals') faeces.

Dietary changes can give a dog the necessary nutrients that it might feel are missing but at the same time we must remember that dogs are, by nature, scavengers. Some dogs do all manner of weird and wonderful behaviour simply to attract the attention of their owners on the dog’s terms (which can lead to other problems).
Living in the lap of luxury with human beings does not change this, so if your dog is one of those that have a tendency to eat poop, just suck it up. When I investigated the source of the noise I found her diligently trying to scrape off the bird poop from the ground underneath the tree they were nesting in. Therefore, unappetising as it sounds, “stuff” is seen as a valuable source of energy to some dogs.
This also goes into the reason why dogs will scent mark their territory – letting others know that they are about and giving a hint that they should go away.

He has been on radio and television on 4 continents and teaches the Amichien Bonding dog training process all over the world in English and French. Perhaps the most unpalatable trait that dogs can have is that of coprophagia, otherwise known as eating poop. The trouble here is that we have dogs living very close to each other (but that is the subject of another article).

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