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The best person to teach her this lesson is another, slightly older dog, as most of them won’t tolerate a bite which causes pain.
Give a loud, shrill "yelp" sound the way a dog would if bitten, followed by a "no" command. How stop puppy biting nipping & mouthing solve, The general rule stop puppy biting problems encourage acceptable behavior discourage (including stop biting problems). As soon as you feel teeth, all fun interacting with the puppy stops, only resuming after a short time out.
Whenever there is no biting going on, use lots of positive reinforcement (like saying "good dog," petting, or treats).

Whenever biting happens, put the dog in a different room from you without yelling or hitting at all, for 3-5 minutes. Some dogs find them fun to pay with, and they can help to numb the gums to help with the pain.
The dog would prefer to be with you than in another room, and if biting consistently results in that, even the slowest-learning dog will clue in. It's always better to induce a dog to the right behavior through positive reinforcement, even if it seems slower-going at first.
I also enjoy Cesar Millan's Dog Whisperer program but any competent trainer will advise that you're only seeing a fraction of how these dogs are actually managed to correct behavior problems.

Re: Allergies, and the rest of the post it's pretty much right on in my experience with the exception that many allergies are turf related, like the kind of grass the dog is typically on or the areas for working dogs in which you're training.

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