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This article is for those people who don't own a small dog but their neighbor does and that dog will not stop barking at you because it sincerely and passionately hates you.
Talk to your neighbor and tell them that you are trying the gentle method of getting their dog to stop barking at you. Once the dog is friends with you, the method of telling the dog to stop barking at them is far easier.
The dog, especially if it's a Dachshund, may fall in love with you so much that it gets it in it's little head that you WILL be it's new owner. If you own a dog that a neighbor is trying to befriend you should at first question why the neighbor is doing it.
If the dog hates you, it's not going to allow you to get close and it will interpret your actions as hostile. A common mistake most people make is to not realize just how fast some small dogs can bite.

Yelling, or throwing things at a dog and especially a Dachshund will only make them more angry. If the dog accepts smelling your hand, very slowly and carefully stroke its back just a couple of times. Tell yourself that this was only to get it to stop barking at you without the neighbors getting angry at you. You'll have to find info on each breed the dog is and then make a guess as to which breed the dog acts like. It's OK to offer it when it concerns something they may not know about the dog or if it's in trouble of any kind.
If you are a person who did not like small dogs before you will feel more guilty than others in turning them away.
An uncommonly smart dog will ignore any food offered from you even if it has NOT been trained to do that..

Once the process is done you will find that you have a small dog that would cheerfully give up it's own life to save yours. You will find that you have developed an admiration of the breed and may have fallen in love yourself with the dog that hated you. He’s most proud of his work on How to Reduce Glare when Driving at Night, which has been featured and translated into 5 different languages.
Take some fresh dirt from a clean spot and make sure that the scent from your hands and feet is on the dirt. In fact if this advice has worked for you you may very well one day find yourself adding your own tips to this article while a sleeping happy dog is curled around your neck as you type on a laptop in your favorite chair.

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