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This only confuses the puppy because previously he has only received praise for this behaviour and so he gets more excited jumping harder. It is important that you maintain this consistency with everybody that comes in contact with your puppy to adequately train him. Puppies are social creatures that express their excitement by bouncing, jumping and leaping. When it does not inconvenience us, we ignore the jumping often rewarding the puppy with enthusiastic greetings.
However, with a severe reprimand, the puppy will stop jumping but this does not solve the problem at hand and is not a very nice way of enforcing good behaviour.
If your dog only jumps up once every day when you return home every day, this means that he only has one practice session every day.

You can speed up this process by repeatedly using the back door to leave and only using the front door when you return.
Particularly for the younger kids and the elderly who can incur serious injuries if toppled over. We do however, want to disclose some basic facts about some of the products listed on our website which receive praise. For many of us, when our puppies are small, we allow them to sit and wiggle on our laps as they lick on our face. Eventually, as the puppy grows this behaviour becomes more dangerous especially for the elderly or children and is no longer acceptable. We only get annoyed when the pup jumps on us with muddy claws spoiling our outfit, and because we are inconvenienced, we reprimand the pup.

If this happens, run in and intervene, bring the pup down and put her in sit-stay as you praise him and then make the person understand that jumping is not acceptable. No matter how many people you have to explain to, do not tire as this reinforces the behavior showing your pup that jumping is no longer acceptable.

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