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Perfect paws: dog puppy training - chewing, Puppy training tips preventing puppy destructive chewing destroying house belongings.
How stop labrador chewing , In article ’ll puppies chew, stop, stop labrador dog puppy chewing .. Chewing stop - dog chat - dog information, World renown animal behaviorist radio talk show host, dr. Just like human babies, they often feel that their mouth is the best way to do this.Puppies also have a physical need to chew when they are teething.
Just like kids, puppies lose their baby teeth and experience the discomfort of new adult teeth pushing through their gums. Chewing is a way for them to relieve this pain.“Pay Attention to Me!”Some dogs will chew because they want your attention – even if it’s negative. The choice is yours!“I’m Scared!”Some dogs may chew to calm themselves down.If you notice your dog gets nervous when you leave them alone, and you come back to find evidence of a chewing frenzy, they may have separation anxiety.
This can be seen when a dog wants to run another dog off their property, but is hindered by a fence or leash.It can also be seen when a dog just wants to join in something fun. Your dog never learned how to behave correctly in our human world.To a dog, a feather-pillow is a fabulous chew toy, providing hours of fun, squishy chewing pleasure. Above All, Remember Chewing is NaturalChewing is very natural for any dog, or for that matter, any animal.
Mice, cats, cows and anything else with teeth all enjoy a good chew.The best way to understand the underlying motivation for chewing is to examine the benefit for the dog. These tactics, when applied correctly, will usually help to reduce or eliminate chewing in almost any dog.Ensure Your Dog Has Sufficient Physical And Mental ExerciseWhen a dog is bored they find their own ways to entertain themselves. Please use baby gates or other barriers to keep your dog securely in an appropriate area.Remember to leave safe chew toys with your dog, such as Kongs, puzzle toys or large Nylabones, to occupy them while you’re away.
Also, don’t leave them confined for too long.You may not always have to confine your dog once they learn the rules. Then, give them a much more tasty chew item, such as a yummy bully stick or a chewy Nylabone.If you find your dog has slunk off with your favorite slipper, offer a treat in exchange for the unfortunate footwear.
Next, praise them when they take the treat and give you their previous prize.Remember to offer an appropriate toy after you take away the slipper.

Any time they chew on the wrong things, it reinforces the behavior and makes it harder to correct later.If You Can’t Remove It, Make it RepulsiveIf your pup has a strong affection for a certain item, you can also make this treasure turn into a taste tormentor. Different chewing deterrents are sold that you can spray on your home’s choice chews to make them taste terrible.There’s always the odd dog that doesn’t mind the taste.
However, the majority of the time, it can make your pup think twice before biting into something bitter. If your chewing tornado can’t access the cherished prize while you are away, then he can’t continue to get positive reinforcement from chewing on it.When your dog chews on inappropriate items in front of you, distract them.
Then, redirect them in a positive voice to a high-value chew toy.If your dog has claimed a smaller item, exchange the trophy for a toy or treat.
Praise them when they refocus on this so they know they made the right choice.How To Stop a Puppy From Chewing During TeethingDuring the first year of your puppy’s life, a lot is going on in their mouth!
This is why chewing is so important in your pup’s early development.When puppies are three to six weeks old, they get their first set of 28 baby teeth. Those sharp little teeth hurt!When your puppy is around eight to twelve weeks old, they begin to transition to their 42 adult teeth. The baby teeth fall out, starting with the incisors, and are replaced with permanent teeth. This transition may continue until the puppy is eight months old.During this time, the only thing pet parents can do is channel the chewing power onto suitable toys as much as possible. Your puppy will basically be a mouth with legs!An Ounce of Prevention Now is the time to train your puppy on appropriate chewing items, and redirect them when they make a mistake.Understand, if your puppy chews up something valuable, and you didn’t have chew toys readily available or hadn’t adequately trained your pup on right from wrong, then the damage is 100% your fault. They will also make mistakes as they learn, which is why you should be there to guide them towards the right teething items.Some dog owners will take treat-filled Kong toys and freeze them to provide their puppy with a cooling sensation on inflamed gums. Others will utilize frozen toys, or even a wet, frozen washcloth, to help soothe painful mouths.Make sure that whatever you give your puppy cannot become a choking hazard.
When they aren’t provided with this fundamental necessity, they will take matters into their own paws (and mouths).A tired dog is a good dog.
Take them for long walks and teach them how to play ball or Frisbee.Dogs also need mental stimulation.
Your dog, just like a child, is testing you and the situation.During this outburst, you must stay consistent, cool headed and firm with your training.

If you don’t, your dog will learn that resisting you means you will eventually give up and they will win.If you give in during this time, any new training will be met with even more resistance. If you don’t, you will confuse your poor pup.For example, if you give your dog a pair of your older shoes to chew on as a puppy, you can’t be upset when they choose to annihilate your nice dress shoes that you forgot to put away. Your dog can’t tell the difference between trashed and expensive shoes.Don’t confuse them with similar items that look like things that are off limits.
It’s just not fair to your pup.Don’t Punish For Past SinsIf you find that your dog chewed through your table leg while you were away, don’t bring them to it after the fact and punish them. Dogs only associate corrections with a behavior that they are doing at the exact time that they experience it.They don’t understand if you correct them hours, or even minutes, after they’ve destroyed your prize curtains. You can’t stop your puppy from chewing the wrong things overnight, especially if the habit is deeply ingrained.Be patient with your pup and set reasonable expectations.
Even the best trainers still have the occasional couch cushion sacrificed to puppyhood.You will probably lose a few household items, especially if you don’t puppy proof properly. They are beyond the scope of this article.If you can understand the underlying reason or trigger for the behavior, you can work to find solutions. Often, if the behavior is caught early, you can redirect the dog by giving him a more positive outlet.Many times, if you take away the dog’s energy by tiring him out with exercise, he will choose to rest instead of engage in his previous destructive tendencies.
Once tired, tools such as crates, puzzle toys and food-stuffed Kong toys can often distract your dog from their obsessions or anxious behaviors.Remember, dogs only engage in behaviors that benefit them. It’s always better to ask for assistance instead of giving up or continuing ineffective training.Final ThoughtsDestructive chewing can be frustrating for both pet parents and dogs.
Yet, with a little love, patience, and perseverance, your household items and your Labrador puppy can live a long, happy life together!
Her Staffordshire bull terrier, Mona, is trained as both a therapy dog and disaster stress relief dog. Before starting her full-time writing business, Sarah worked with a top pet food company as a consultant to veterinarians conducting weekly classes on canine and feline nutrition for the doctors and staff.

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