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However, what Fido or Fifi might consider fun may not match up with your expectations of the well behaved dog. Some fun, but unacceptable activities for dogs might include jumping up on everyone who walks through the door, chewing up clothing and drapes or barking incessantly, causing discord throughout the neighborhood. While the chewing dog problem is usually confined to your home, it's also one of the more destructive and costly of bad dog behaviors. Looking on the bright side, it's also one of the easiest to remedy.Puppies almost always have the chewing dog problem, unless you give them designated items to chew.
They're teething, just like babies, and the chewing satisfies the itch and helps relieve pain and boredom, all in one activity.

So, unless you visit the pet store right away and pick up proper chewing materials, you can expect to suffer a few losses in your furnishings and wardrobe. This will come to your attention in no uncertain terms, when you come home and find that cute little bundle of fluff has made a virtual meal of your newly acquired designer boots, or that first edition Hemingway that you carelessly left on the coffee table.There's a huge variety of chewing toys available at the pet store.
Ask the clerk at the pet store which products are most successful in remedying the chewing dog problem. Think of the alternative potential catastrophes!When you come home with the goods, put your puppy in a pet carrier, if you have one, for a couple of hours, and introduce him to a few of his new chewing toys. If you catch him chewing on your stuff, a slap on the floor with a rolled up newspaper will get his attention.

Put him in the pet carrier, or other confined area, with his chewing toys.It shouldn't take more than a few weeks to remedy your chewing dog problem.

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