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Why Puppies BitePuppies have painfully sharp little piranha like teeth, almost like hypodermic needles.
He then waits a while then starts to play again, but a strange thing has happened, the biting is a bit softer because of the reaction of the other pup.. The same thing when feeding from the mother, the pup uses too much pressure she yelps and moves away end of milk bar.
NatureThis is nature’s way of inhibiting the force of their bite well before the jaw muscles start to form properly at around about 4.5 months, which also coincides with the time that the puppy teeth start dropping out and the new bigger more dangerous teeth start to come through. This learning process is known as “Bite Inhibition” it is a vital and important lesson and is the only reason why your puppies are born with those hideous teeth. I see many new owners who are told to stop all play biting, however this could potentially have far-reaching and disastrous consequences. Dealing With The ProblemTherefore, your puppy must initially learn that all biting whatever the circumstances must be done softly.

Do not pull your hand away.  Let the puppy move away from the sound and your hand, (pulling your hand away will only encourage him to lunge towards the moving object) As an appeasement after your yelp the pup may come up and lick your hand, accept this gesture. If the above does not appear to be working as the puppy is so insistent and is continually biting you or your kid’s hands and feet then get some bitter apple and spray their hands and feet for a few days. Ms Parker was attacked when she tried to stop the out-of-control dog mauling her eight-month-old Pomeranian puppy, called Toby (left).
Squealing in pain, which works well with puppies up to about nine or 10 weeks, rarely works with slightly older puppies. Basically your puppy needs to learn that putting teeth on human skin isn’t acceptable and that there’s a consequence. One of the main reasons why you should never play tug with a young puppy, you can dislocate the jaw and misalign or damage the teeth. This is how your puppy learns to inhibit the force of his bite and to control his jaws, It is a vital that he also learns to inhibit biting us humans.

If the pup is trained immediately never to play-bite, he will never have the chance to learn control over his jaws. However it must be bitter apple made by Grannick as it is the only chew or bite deterrent that actually works. As soon as you feel teeth, all fun interacting with the puppy stops, only resuming after a short time out. And like the New York police chief who had a zero tolerance to crime you do the same with any hard biting.

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