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We did our best to dog-proof the chicken coop and run area, in effect protecting the chickens from other types of predators as well.
Hog wire along the chicken coop, 5 foot chicken run fence, and chicken wire buried below fence to keep dogs from digging under.
Hank gained access to the chicken run area by breaking one of the ties that holds the chain link to the fence post, and squeezing between the two. I would have thought the chickens would have run into their coop to get away from him, but apparently they saw no threat. Designing your chicken coop to be wildlife proof from the beginning is the most cost effective way to avoid problems, including egg and chicken loss. Another way to protect a dirt floor of a chicken coop from digging animals is to install low voltage ribbon or wire several inches off the ground and a few inches off the wall of the chicken house.

Not only are chickens attractive to wildlife and your neighbors dog, but the chicken feed is also attractive to rodents. Last Friday afternoon the dogs were out back, Barry was in the living room watching TV, and I was in the bedroom packing for our weekend trip to Asheville.
He has gone under the fence once before, but ended up out in the field instead of in the chicken run. We made some adjustments in the fence to deter the dogs (see above picture where five ties now hold the chainlink to the fence post), the chickens are alive and well, and the dogs remain infinitely curious about the coop and run area. At a young age, his father taught him how to make underground barriers to prevent digging animals like badgers, skunks and coyotes out and a solid chicken house able to keep out mice and snakes. Sometimes when you glance outside, and the dogs are walking along the chicken run fence, it looks like they are inside but they’re not.

Little did he know that these experiences would assist so many others in the future and that he would invent a product to stop wildlife from digging into chicken enclosures. He certainly did wrong by going under the fence and into the chicken run area, but he seemed to know he had been naughty.

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