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Easier still would be to buy two 10x10 kennel kits from the home improvement store (currently they are about $200 apiece)--they clip together in no time at all, with the included hardware. This will prevent him from getting his nose under the kennel and pushing out, or from digging a hole beneath the kennel (which is easily accomplished in an hour or two, let alone overnight while you sleep).
Remember that your dog, who probably had a large fenced yard with all the amenities, is now looking at a much smaller space, and potentially stressful new surroundings and temptations.

Be sure you don't put his doghouse (or any other object!) near the kennel wall, where he can hop on top, then leap out of the kennel.If your wolfdog is very strong (or a good escape artist, or a dedicated fence chewer), you may want to consider the heavy gauge fence panels instead, such as the Magnum Kennel.
You could leave your dog(s) at the old house until their new enclosure is contructed at the house you are moving to.
Be sure to add a digproof floor and jump-proof top, and to keep objects that he can stand on away from the walls and roof.

Here is the Magnum kennel--note the wire ceiling (the floor is the same--solid wire--, but covered with straw for the animal's comfort).

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