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Identifying the cause that determines your dog to chew on different things is the first step you must take.
Also, a doggy might be afraid of something or have a medical issue if it starts chewing on things all of the sudden. In addition, if teething is not an issue, there are certain environmental changes that can affect a pup so much that it must relieve stress by chewing different stuff. These are the main reasons why a puppy chews random things and this is how to stop a puppy from chewing them.
Special toys for dogs made out of plastic or those shaped under the form of treats are much more recommendable. In case of shoes, for example, your pet does not know which pair is new and which pair is old, so once it knows that it can chew on shoes that have your smell on them, it will not stop or limit itself to just one old pair that you allow it to chew on. Toys are a great way to make sure your dog has something to occupy its time with when it has too much energy or nothing else better to do. If you find your playful pet chewing on an object it is not supposed to chew on, you should recover that object from its mouth and replace it with one it can chew on. A dog will feel lonely if it is left alone for a long period of time in an environment that is not stimulating for it. In case you have an older dog that is chewing excessively all of the sudden, you must now that this type of behavior might be caused by gingivitis or painful gums. Regardless of the actual reason, any dog should be helped to get rid of this nasty habit or at least to start chewing on special toys that were designed with this purpose in mind.
John Brown lives in Somerville, MA, with her two dogs, two sons, and very understanding mate.
The information contained on this website meant to be a substitute for advice from your own veterinarian or dog trainer. There are multiple causes that range from teething to feeling lonely, bored, and anxious or, in rare cases, having a medical problem that must be taken care of immediately. A dog might have a hard time accepting a change produced in the family, in its daily routine or on the playground. When their teeth grow, puppies are agitated, frustrated and they have the tendency to chew on anything, including their owners’ limbs, clothes and so on.
If your puppy is little, you can just hide your shoes or put them in a place when it cannot reach them until the pain goes away and so does its habit of chewing random objects or shoes in particular. You can take measures in order to create favorable conditions for your pet not to chew on things. Old socks or old items are not okay to be used as toys for a puppy because it cannot differentiate old items from new items.

Dogs are animals that interact best in groups, so many of them cannot handle spending too much time on their own. If it reacts positively and starts chewing on the right object, then you should reward it, praise it and maybe pet it too.
Its feelings of loneliness become more acute when the pup is left alone on a daily basis for many hours in a row.
A tired dog will need rest, so you can ensure a level of physical activity that will require it to rest for a reasonable time after you walk away. Observing your dog and knowing what to do in any situation that might occur is how you can be the best dog owner there is.
Chewing is a habit that could indicate that your dog does not feel comfortable in his house anymore or that something that used to make it happy is no longer available. Every dog has its preferences when it comes to the items they want to chew on or play with. Also, avoid finding old objects from your house that you do not use anymore because your doggy cannot see the difference between two similar objects that are old or new. A group provides safety, so an anxious dog needs a safe and comfortable environment where it can be left alone or ignored in case its owner cannot play with it. In the same train of thoughts, you should teach your dog to ignore the objects it is not supposed to play with. Also, a dog with enough mental activity will not focus on chewing stuff, so teach it tricks, play with it and leave it relaxed when it is alone.
There are certain nutritional deficiencies triggered by inappropriate feeding or by a parasite found in a dog’s intestines that can lead to something called the Pica syndrome, which is characterized by abnormal appetite. The vet should be the first person you visit when you notice something your dog starts doing without any particular, identifiable or obvious reason.
In case it is not a habit yet, any dog can be taught not to chew everything from the house anymore by following a few simple steps.
However, their owner can teach them what to chew instead of their personal belongings and how not to produce any further damage. These should be fun toys and you should find a fun way to interact with your dog by playing with these toys.
There are no exceptions to this rule unless you buy new items and put them together under the form of a toy for dogs, which have nothing similar to your personal stuff. A way to determine a dog to stay focused on just one toy is to rub that toy between your hands before giving it to it.
When you are ready to leave the house, you should leave enough toys for your animal friend to play with and not give it access to the entire home.

Anyway you think of it, there is no magical solution that can solve all your pup’s problems in five minutes. Therefore, your dog might be chewing on objects because it has a parasite in its intestine, not because it needs attention. If it is already a formed habit, then the owner requires patience and dedication in order to wean the dog from it. Sadly, these precious animals are not always to blame when they resort to such annoying actions like chewing on different objects that they find around the house, especially when they are teething or left alone at home.
For example, some dogs chew on their leashes when they want to go for a walk earlier or more often than they used to go. There is no remedy for them during the two phases when their teeth grow, which happens between three and eight weeks, and then between three and ten months. This way, the pup will be attracted by your smell and not leave that toy unattended for a long period of time when you are busy or away.
When it chooses an object it is not supposed to chew on, you should say “no” in a firm manner and encourage it to pick another one.
Although it might seem that it makes a guilty face, it is just your dog’s way to defend itself. There are also some gastrointestinal problems that can cause nausea, which in turn leads to chewing objects as a coping mechanism. During the hunt, they had to catch the prey with their mouths and bring it back to their owners, so the habit of using their jaw a lot might come from there. As you might think, there are several ways to stop a doggy from messing around with your shoes, furniture or any other object that this fantastic animal might find appealing. In addition, it is useless to punish your dog or to yell at it after it has done something wrong. When we cannot offer enough exercise or entertainment, they have to obtain it in their own ways. If you keep this exercise constant, your doggy will know how to make the difference and always choose what it is supposed to choose.

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