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For more information on dog training techniques and how to deal with problem dog behaviors (like chewing), check out Secrets to Dog Training.
It’s the complete manual for dog ownership and is designed to fast-track your dog’s learning. I put a tiny bit of peanut butter on the toys that are meant to be chewed and praise for chewing those and vocal commands and squirt guns for bad chewing.
Having a dog that chews on inappropriate things in the house can be frustrating because there doesn’t seem to be a limit on what the dog wants to chew. Much like other behaviors that we consider problematic, chewing is a natural behavior for dogs, and especially young puppies. It is important to remember when treating this behavior problem that chewing is something that dogs do naturally. Since all dogs chew, it’s up to you to help the dog decipher between a forbidden item and an appropriate chew toy.
To help your dog make the right decision on what to chew, choose four or five toys that you see as acceptable.
You can help your dog fixate on these items by making the approved items more enticing and the forbidden items less desirable.

If you see the dog chewing an inappropriate item, don’t chase him, because this quickly becomes a game. If the dog is proven untrustworthy in this manner, don’t leave your shoes, slippers or even underwear around the house or where he can easily get to them. To set the dog up for success, make the inappropriate items less desirable by spraying a chew deterrent on them.
Usually, managing the dog’s environment and fixating on appropriate chew items are enough to deter the dog from chewing forbidden things. Also, set up a situation where the dog does not see you and throw a shaker can (aluminum can with pennies in it), squirt water or use a shriek alarm to interrupt the behavior.
I have heard that a dog that is involved in a “good chew” is comparable to us being involved in a good book. It is our job as dog owners to direct the chewing to appropriate items, instead of our couch or cables. Puppies and dogs that have never lived in a house environment are going to want to explore.  Since they don’t have hands, dogs will often use their mouth to gather information. When treating inappropriate chewing, we want to redirect the chewing onto appropriate items because eliminating chewing altogether is unrealistic.

Most dogs don’t inherently understand the concept of a chew toy, so you need to help the dog fixate on an appropriate chew item.
Put the dog on a leash if he often runs away when you take an object from him, and step on the leash as soon as he tries to get up.
When you see the dog chewing a forbidden item, run away very quickly and make a silly noise. Make sure, though, that the dog does not see you when you are applying a punishment, because you want the dog to connect the punishment to the chewing and not you. Since this is an enjoyable behavior and is natural for the dog to partake in, staying consistent with the treatment plan is most important if you are looking for a consistent behavioral change. Block off a dog-proofed section of the house, create a puppy playpen or crate the dog while you are gone. If the dog is fed solely a soft-food diet, he may not being getting enough chewing activity during meal times and will go elsewhere to find it.

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