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Inappropriate chewing can be corrected with a combination of positive reinforcement and negative punishment, but the matter takes on a little more urgency with wall chewing. Finding the CauseIf your dog is between 4 and 6 months of age, it’s likely that the wall chewing is a result of teething. It's very hard to stop this behaviour and no matter how many times to say NO and it only takes a moment for the damage to be done. Damage can be caused by you house rabbit stripping off the soft wood laminate from the bottom edge of the door. The soft wood your door frames are made of can easily become rounded off by unwanted chewing behaviour.
Cure this problem by training your dog to favor a variety of appropriate chewing targets while also creating an aversion to chewing the wall.
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Find out how to prevent costly damage by protecting these soft wooden edges and discover lots of simple but effective tips like using a pet gate or applying a bitter spray. These are likely to get a bit nibbled from time to time, this can leave them looking tatty or even lead to some serious damage requiring expensive repairs. You can however prevent a lot of this damage using some of the simple tried and tested bunny proofing techniques. To help prevent this its best to provide some safe and acceptable alternatives that can act as a tasty distraction such as chew blocks, willow sticks, wicker toys, and card board boxes.
A much better deterrent is to keep a water mister to hand and when you catch your chewing or scratching at a door skirting board spray some mist over it. We like posting tips on enriching our rabbits environments, preventing damage to our homes and making them safe for our rabbits to inhabit.
If it is a room you enter frequently they can also be a useful safety feature preventing instances of you unknowingly opening a door onto your house rabbit which can hurt it.

Toys with bells on them or rattle can be placed next to the door and this can draw attention away from the door itself. A dog that goes on daily pack walks is less likely to engage in any destructive tendencies. With sufficient repetition, Lucky will learn that the positive feeling of praise is ended when he goes near the wall. When correcting inappropriate chewing, you typically remove the forbidden object from the dog’s mouth. With wall chewing, you instead of have to remove the dog’s mouth from the object by gently pulling the leash.

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