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Understand that if obedience school is not an option you will have to make the commitment to work with your dog on your own. Consider the fact that the more time you spend working with your dog, the happier he will be and the happier YOU will be.
Take your dog for walks, it will be exercise for you and it helps rid your puppy of excess energy. A retractable leash is not recommended because it is difficult to discipline your dog in a timely manner if the leash extends and contracts to such long lengths on its own. While crate training is necessary and certainly helpful with young dogs.If you do not work with your dog and endeavor to spend more time with him, the situation will not improve.
The leash training will not work well if your dog does not know his basic sit-stay behaviors. A kennel should be a safe haven for your dog, but if he is barking incessantly while in his kennel, it can seem like a torture device. If your dog starts squealing and barking in a high-pitched tone when you leave or come home, he may be barking out of excitement.
Some dogs, especially those kept in a kennel for extended periods, will whine and bark because they have an urgent need to go potty. Many dogs are left in their kennels without any source of stimulation, and bark simply out of boredom. How to Teach Your Dog to Love His Crate Train your dog to love his crate, not just put up with it. Jolanta Benal, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, The Dog Trainer January 26, 2010 Episode #047 Ah, the dog crate. Teaching him such behaviors establishes you as his alpha dog and teaches him to respect you and listen to you. If your dog disobeys you or is busy trying to run off or otherwise wreak havoc, a sharp tug on the leash will serve as a correction. Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, but even the most vocal can be taught that his kennel is a quiet zone. Excited barkers make noise because they know that as soon as you get home, you’ll let them out and they can run and jump and play.

Adult dogs can stay in their kennels for upwards of six hours without a potty break, but puppies need more frequent opportunities. Lawson specializes in pet and food-related articles, utilizing her 15 years as a sous chef and as a dog breeder, handler and trainer to produce pieces for online and print publications. Instead he is often so relieved to be out among people that shows his exuberance in all the wrong ways.
A leash will give you any easy way to correct bad behavior and at the same time allow your dog just enough freedom to start to figure things out for himself. Dogs who bark in excitement need a quiet, calm environment to counteract their excitable behavior.
If you’re going to be gone for long periods, consider fencing off a small area and leaving the dog out of the kennel. If your dog starts whining and pacing when you look for your purse or put on your shoes, place him in his kennel quietly and step out of the room. A tired dog is less likely to bark out of boredom, so play with him for a minimum of 15 minutes to burn off excess energy. It is imperative that there be a release from punishment once your dog responds to you, hence the praise 'good boy' or a nice doggie snack. Over time your dog should learn that when indoors, he should not run around and create mayhem. Put the dog quietly in his kennel when you leave, shut the kennel door, and leave without speaking to the dog. Place a few housebreaking pads on the floor to soak up accidents and leave a few toys on the floor to keep the dog busy in your absence.
Stand quietly for a few minutes until he stops barking, and walk to the kennel and praise him for being quiet. Try leaving a television or radio on in the room to cut through the quiet and leave the dog with some familiar background noise.
If you happen to catch your dog resting on that supercomfy bed you put in the crate, tell her what a good dog she is and drop a treat in with her. It may take weeks or months for the dog to learn to stay quiet, but most dogs can be conditioned out of anxious barking habits.

These specially designed toys have a number of small holes and the dog has to lick and paw at the toy to get the treats, giving him plenty of stimulation while you’re gone. Once he calms down and stops barking, walk straight to the kennel and let him out without making a scene. The more noise you make, the more the dog will feed off your energy and the more he will bark. If you brought your new puppy home on Friday afternoon, don’t introduce him to his crate right before you leave for work on Monday morning. Some dogs settle right in, but for others the transition to a closed door can be a big deal.You can help make the process easy by choosing a time when your dog is relaxed after vigorous exercise and has a reason to stay in the crate for a few minutes anyway. If your dog’s inclined to chew his bed, get a chew-resistant bed, give it some competition from safe, chewable toys, or use rags and old sheets that your dog can destroy without giving you an aneurysm.
Once your dog loves his crate, it can be his remote hideout when he needs one, but his first lesson shouldn’t be that crate = social isolation. Slow and steady will always win the skittish-dog crate-training race.For many dogs, though, crate training goes 1-2-3. We set up his crate, we brought him home, we tired him out, and then we popped him in to sleep. His first few nights away from his mother and litter, we took turns sleeping next to the crate with one hand resting just inside the door.
As always, you’ll say the cue just before your dog does the relevant behavior, and only at that time.
Dogs with this disorder may bloody their paws and break their teeth trying to escape.Crate AbuseCrates look like cages. The rambunctious, pushy, destructive dog who’s spending 18 hours crated out of every 24 needs exercise, training, and company.

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