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Colorful rope dog leads have been all the rage in the pet accessories world lately -- and I am obsessed!
The rope clamps and snap hook can be found in the rope section of your local hardware store. Note: I made two versions of this leash using different kinds of rope and found that the 3-strand variety creates a smoother, more subtle ombre effect. Now, after you've attached the rope clamps, you could call it a day -- you have a perfectly functional leash at this point. I have been looking for a tutorial just like this one for not only my dogs, but for our local shelter pups -- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! How did you seal up the frayed end of the rope (difference between the picture in step 6 to step 7). Capree Kimball is a design nerd and a dog-loving optimist with a penchant for collecting tin robots and gobbling up gravy-smothered biscuits.
Instead, on a recent trip to a tack shop in Delaware – mom came up with a plan to make me my very own Rope Leash.
Step 3: Figure out how big of a handle you want at the other end and adjust your rope into the clamp accordingly.

Being a sailing dog, we would use a three strand nautical rope, but the cotton horse rope would work here too, then put in a standard eye splice probably on each end, one for the clip for the attachment to the collar, the other for the hand loop.
Alternatively, while at the hardware, buy some electrical shrink tubing in a large enough size for both ends of the rope to slip through.
But, with prices ranging anywhere from $70 to over $150, they're a little outside most people's "dog stuff" budgets.
Determine about how long you want your leash to be (anywhere from 4-6 feet is pretty standard) and cut it accordingly. Remove your rope and hang it up (outside or in the garage), dark end at the top, to allow the dye to creep down the rope. Once you're happy with the way the gradient is looking, rinse the rope in cold water until the water runs clear -- or -- use some RIT Dye Fixative before you rinse out the rope if you want to super-seal the color. On the other end, fold the rope over to create a 6-7" loop (bigger or smaller depending on how big your hands are and what feels comfortable to you). From this strip, cut two pieces of leather, both about 2.5" long or long enough to wrap around the clamp. I bought a package of two (you know, incase I need a rope leash for my best pal Trooper) for $4.39 (about $2 for each one) at the local hardware store.
You will just need too metal rope clamps and a snap for the end – all supplies can be found at the local hardware store.

If you'd still like to get your paws on a stylish leash for your pooch (in whatever color your heart desires) without breaking the bank, give this easy DIY rope leash project a whirl! I chose to use up some leftover leather (from this project) and create a sleeve with some colorful stitching. Allow the leather to dry out completely (it'll tighten up around the clamp as it dries) and you're done!
As for the rope ends, you could use tape or tightly wrap and tie some thread around the ends before hammering down the clamps. The tubing comes in at least red and black, so you could increase the appearance with some color coordination.
A bit of strength testing would be in order, but I think for a small dog, this would be strong enough. Submerge the whole rope in the dye, stirring constantly, until the desired color is reached.

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