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Hide electrical cords behind furniture or curtains, or elevate them to keep them out of your dog's mouth. Your dog may like to chew, but putting electrical cords in his mouth can be more than a nasty habit -- he could be injured or even killed if he receives enough shock.
Step 4Apply an unpleasant-tasting compound -- such as hot pepper sauce or Bitter Apple -- to the cord. Step 5Do not leave your dog unattended until he has completed training to leave the cords alone, and do not allow him access to the whole house.
This may come as a surprise to anyone who hasn't thought of it for more than two seconds, but your household cables and household pets are a potentially dangerous combination. If your pets and wires both spend most of their time on the floor, there's more opportunity for Fluffy's little needle-teeth to chew through your beloved cables. For hiding wires in your office at home, use a concealed surge protector or cable box to keep your wires from becoming a distraction to your pets.
You can also shield your wires in tubing or conduit to deflect your pets' eager jaws, though if your cables are too large for these products, you might consider using a raceway. Additionally, if your pets are small and not good at jumping, a cable tray may be a good way to keep wires out of reach.
For hiding excess wires coming from your phone, computer mouse, or even dangling from your window blinds, use a Cable Turtle. A Cable Winder is another good product that will shorten and hide wires so your curious kitty won't swat or nibble on them. If you can't get your cables off the ground in a tray or clip, and you can't wind it in a turtle or winder, there are numerous products on the market today that are made for covering household wires to keep your pet from chewing on them.
If you have no other choice but to run a wire across a floor in the open, there are cord covers for hiding and protecting wires from your cat or dog.
Cord protectors are especially important during the Holidays, when unfamiliar wires and a flurry of activity can make for a dangerous mixture for your little critters. Velcro Wraps & FastenersHook-and-loop fasteners securely tie your cable bundles, but can simply and easily be removed, resized and re-used to suit your particular needs. Fabric Cord CoversBundle or cover cords and hoses with these flexible and stylish solutions that range from our decorative silk cord covers to the rugged leather welding hose covers. Computer Mounts & KitsGet your tower off the floor and your laptop or tablet off of your desk with our mounts, to maximize space and minimize accidents.
Charging Stations & PlugsNever drain your battery again with our USB hubs, plugs and multi-device stations for charging your tables, smartphones, and other mobile devices.
Computer WorkstationsFind all your work tables here, from single to multiple users; we offer many options of these production increasing furniture arrangements. Cable Identification TagsThese tags, ties and markers will help you label and identify your cables and wires easily, without the confusion or guesswork. Cable Cover ProtectionProtect your cables and personnel from each other with these cord covers for all duties. Fabric Cord CoversFlexible and stylish selections that offer a neat solution for bundling or covering cords and hoses, from decorative silk cord covers to the rugged leather welding hose covers.

Pipe MarkingEverything you need for labeling your pipes, including vinyl markers, reflective tape, fasteners, strap-on markers and ties. Heat Shrink LabelsSleeve-style labels that conform and adhere to cables and wires, so there's no danger of slipping or peeling from their intended surface. Wires & CablesKeep your electrical, network, or home theater equipment wired (without the use of coffee). Network CablesNetwork cables and patch cords including Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6 cables, as well as our fiber optics and modular plugs and boots to help protect and secure your connection. Power Extension CordsStandard extension cords to power your home devices, industrial cables for your commercial machinery, and everything in between; from a few inches long to hundreds of feet. Fire Alarm Security CableBe certain that your critical connections won't fail in the event of an emergency with the right cables for your burglar alarms, fire and smoke detectors, and security devices. Music & InstrumentsCord solutions for your recording studio, nightclub, or concert venue, including cables for guitars, bass, keyboards, speakers, patch bays, rackmount equipment and more. Cribbing & Chock BlocksKeep your workspace safe and be prepared for emergency situations, accidents and crowd control with our products including floor mats, cribbing, cones, stanchions, and barricades. Traffic SafetyHelp control speed, direct traffic away from sensitive areas and protect equipment with traffic cones, delineators, bollard posts, column protectors and more. Emergency Signs & LightsMake sure escape routes and exits in your office or retail space are clearly marked and fall within OSHA standards with our wide range of emergency lighting units and exit signs. Storm Preparedness KitMaximize the potential of your generator before, during, and after the storm.. Cleaners & ConsumablesProducts to clean fiber optics to keep them working properly, clean dust and lint from electronics equipment, remove excess solder after soldering jobs, and more. Home & Office AlarmsIf you can't keep 'em away, at least you'll know when they're around! Security System TestersEnsure proper installation and configuration for your security system with our state-of-the-art CCTV testers.
Network Video RecordersNVRs are essential for recording from quality video from IP cameras. Pet owners know this scene all too well: you walk into a room and find your beloved pet eating your television cord, your phone charging cord, or some other important electronic cord which should not be gnawed. Indy, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi owned by Cait Macanliss of Dallas, Texas, had a fetish for laptop chargers (he went through three of them as an adolescent). When her cats wouldn’t give up chewing cords, Gail Parker of Philadelphia switched to a cordless mouse and keyboard. There are methods to protect both him and electrical wires from the consequences of a poor decision.
Rather than allow them to lay on the floor, elevate them on a table, computer desk or window sill where they are not easily seen or touched by your pooch. A chew toy or rawhide bone can give his teeth the chewing relief he needs -- especially younger dogs -- but keep your power cords safe. This article will help you keep the interaction between your wires and your domesticated animals to a minimum.

It not only keeps your delicious, tempting wires and plugs away from your chomp-happy animals, but it looks nice and neat as an added bonus.
Then you can laugh and tell your friends how your turtle is protecting your wires from your turtle, if you have a turtle.
Split wire loom is an inexpensive and convenient way to protect your cables from unwanted chompers. These covers will not only keep your pet from chewing on your wires, but will also keep your floors safe and clear from any tripping hazards. Don't have any dangling light wires or extension cords in sensitive areas (under the tree, for example).
Your comments, suggestions and questions are the best tools we have for serving you better! Install desk outlets right into your workstations for solid connectivity, safety & great looks. Avoid toys that have pieces that resemble the plastic on common electrical cables and cords. Cats can be a bit trickier to train, so if your cat isn't responding positively to number one or two, simply wrap trouble cords in tin foil.
She also coats any thin cords in the home with solid deodorant, which contains alum and has an unpleasant taste.
Use specialty products geared toward protecting the cords -- and your pet -- such as a cable turtle or cord cover, both of which hide the cords from your dog's access. If necessary, restrict him to one area of the house -- such as a portion of the kitchen -- where there are no cords as you continue training.
And then they'll roll their eyes, and then you'll realize they don't exist, because if you're the kind of person who just allows a turtle to roam loose in your house, I can't imagine you get many visitors. Bind these with cord clips and attach them to the wall, or to something sturdy so your pet can't paw at them or chew on them. In addition, when you catch your pet chewing on a cord, be sure to offer up appropriate toys after offering discipline. Most cats will hate the texture and sound and will alter their behavior, and after a month or so of your kitty leaving the cords alone, you can remove the tin foil. In the meantime, if you have any questions or would just prefer to place your order by phone, please call us toll-free at 866-222-0030 - we'll be happy to help.
So, one option that won't get the ASPCA called on you is to use adhesive-backed cord clips for attaching your wires to furniture or wall surfaces.
These are available in different sizes and are ideal for phone cords, lamp cords, and even computer cords. If your dog has a history of chewing and swallowing objects, these signals are a good indication that a trip to the veterinarian is in order.

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