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Step 4Provide your dog plenty of exercise opportunities daily to prevent destructive chewing. It'll be a problem, however, if your dog is chewing on inappropriate things like his blankets.
When you catch her chewing on these items or anything inappropriate, make a loud noise to get her attention and give her a chew toy in place of the inappropriate item.
Regular exercise will help relieve aggression and tension in your dog so she will not want to chew on her bedding and blankets.
When she stops chewing on the inappropriate item to take the chew toy, praise her lavishly to let her know she made the right decision. While the best and most indestructible dog beds do cost a pretty penny, there are a handful of really nice and affordable tuff dog beds out there to choose from. Coolaroo Elevated Knit Pet BedIt’s no secret that elevated pet cots are some of the toughest dog beds around, but the Coolaroo Elevated Knit Pet Bed just may be the best chew proof dog bed out there.In addition to comfortably elevating your pooch up off of the cold, hard ground, this heavy duty dog bed features knitted, breathable fabric, providing your precious pup with ultimate comfort indoors and out.

Let’s just say, if you live in a hot climate, your dog is going to love this bed!Unlike most elevated dog bed chew proof, this comfy Coolaroo is large enough for a fully grown Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, or any other large breed. Unless you have an oversized Mastiff or Great Dane, your dog will have plenty of room to sprawl out in comfort on this tear proof dog bed.The Coolaroo Elevated Knit Pet Bed is also easy to put together, so you don’t have to worry about needing a 100-piece Craftsman tool set to get it up and ready for lounging.All things considered, it’s hard not to like this tough and unchewable dog bed, and with hundreds of rave reviews, we’re obviously not the only ones to feel this way! K9 Ballistics Mini TUFF BedNot all tuff dog beds need to have aluminum frames and be the size of a twin-size mattress. In fact, it’s covered in super tough yet comfy ballistic nylon and features a hidden Velcro closure on the bottom, making it a more than capable chew proof dog bed that’s virtually impenetrable to most canine jaws.If you have a small dog that likes to chew up its beds just like the big boys, this small and indestructible tear proof dog bed has your pooch’s name all over it! K9 Ballistics TUFF Bed Crate PadIf your dog is anything like mine and many others, it probably likes the security and coziness that dog crates and kennels provide. Unlike dog cots and large bolstered dog beds, this tough dog bed can be used in your car, in a hotel room, in and out of a crate, and anywhere around your home.Versatile, durable, and thoughtfully designed, the K9 Ballistics TUFF Bed Crate Pad is a great addition to any dog loving home. Petmate Pet BedAs you can see by now, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a premium tear proof dog bed, because the toughest dog beds are sometimes the most affordable.

There’s no better example of this than the Petmate Pet Bed!This 27-inch by 36-inch premium doggie pillow is made from dense and chew-resistant oxford weave and features a laminated PVC backing, making it moisture-resistant as well.While durable and well-made, this affordably priced dog bed chew proof looks really nice and super comfy as well. With a tasteful green stripe and premium high-loft poly-fiber fill, both you and your dog will love having the Petmate Pet Bed in your home.You really can’t go wrong with a water-resistant, chew proof, good looking, and affordable heavy duty dog bed pillow. However, if you want a comfy and durable doggie bed that is highly chew proof and looks great, the Original TUFF Bed is for you!
You obviously need a super tough dog bed, so pick out one of these tried and tested chew proof beds today!

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