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The most common reason a dog bites himself is to get rid of pesky parasites, especially fleas, mites and ticks. Cats will lick excessively, sometimes biting out their fur in clumps or excoriating the skin about the head and face with their claws. Suddenly, your cozy mood is disturbed by the sound of your canine family member biting himself.
Dogs who chew at the base of the tail, stomach or underarms are almost always trying to get rid of some unseen pest. Common seasonal allergies like grass and pollen can affect dogs as much as they affect people. If a splinter or other item is embedded in a paw, your dog may be biting to try to remove what's stuck. Dogs need a healthy supply of fatty acids in their diets to maintain healthy coats and skin.

She has a master's degree from Emory University, and is currently completing a degree in clinical pet nutrition.
Dogs will scratch repetitively with their paws or gnaw incessantly; target areas can include the whole body, or specific areas, like the backside, legs, and feet. Make sure you are using products that are approved for your pet (don't use dog products on cats, for example). If an injury lingers untreated, it may get infected, causing even more discomfort, which often increases the biting and chewing.
Dogs who are lacking fatty acids, especially Omega 3 and 6, will often have dry, flaky and itchy sink. Some dogs have such bad flea allergies that even one flea bite can cause flea allergy dermatitis, which causes severe skin itching, irritation and sometimes infections. If your dog always bites at the same spot on his body, carefully examine that area for any signs of injury or infection.

Consider adding Omega 3 and 6 supplements in the form of fish oil or flax seed to improve your dog's skin condition.
Different species tend to infest dogs and cats, but the result is often the same: pruritus.
You will need to keep your dog on the new diet for at least four to six weeks before determining if the biting is the result of a food allergy. The cost of the vet visit and proper treatment will save your dog from more serious infections and discomfort.

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