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When it comes to how to groom a dog that bites, the first thing you want to do is to determine the cause of your dog biting.
Dogs will bite out of self-defense (in this case the person is causing harm to them) or if they are in pain. A dog that has medical conditions such as hip dysplasia or arthritis may bite when the pain is pushed beyond their threshold during the grooming process.
To do that, you would need to make sure that your dog gets accustomed to you touching his sensitive areas (such as their feet – most dogs don’t like their feet touched) as well as to the grooming tools that you will be using. In our eBook “Advanced Dog Grooming Training Techniques”, we show you step by step how to do this and ensure grooming a pleasurable experience for your dog. If you haven’t done the work we have discussed, your dog may run away or resist during the grooming process.
You may have tried to make your dog to stop biting even after training the animal during a grooming procedure.
Or you may find that it’s going to take more time to remove the fears of grooming from your dog. The dog muzzle will slip over the nose and mouth of your dog and prevents the animal from biting. If you use a muzzle, you can put it on the dog shortly before the grooming procedure is to begin.

Once you take the muzzle off provide praise and treats for the dog so the animal feels at ease. Apart from learning how to deal with a dog that bites during grooming, you’ll also need to discover the proper methods to grooming your dog, this can be found in a comprehensive eBook I’ve created for you to tackle your question on “How to Groom a Dog”. If your dog bites, have the animal checked to determine if it has one of these medical conditions, which might be causing the biting problem. Perhaps he had been mistreated before during grooming, perhaps he suffered from those clipper burns and he had associated this unwanted experience with clipping. But you need to have grooming done now because the dog has just dropped into a mud pit and needs a bath. You could muzzle the dog or medicate the animal – but we think that these options aren’t satisfactory solutions. If you know that a grooming procedure tends to make your dog snap then the muzzle is an ideal solution. You must be sure that whatever muzzle that you use is suitable for the size of your dog’s head so the animal has room to breathe while wearing the muzzle. This is important in hot weather because the dog needs to pant to stay cool to avoid overheating. When grooming the dog you need to be aware that even the most docile dog has the potential to bite.

Out of fear and without an outlet for escape, there is a chance the dog will bite in self-defense.
They should only be done in extreme cases because you can endanger the health of your dog if they aren’t done properly.
Combing the dogs coat or trimming toenails are two common grooming procedures that can cause a dog to bite. The muzzle won’t make the dog more cooperative during the grooming so you can’t rely on it to calm the dog down. In some cases the dog may try to remove the muzzle and could get injured if the muzzle is caught on something sharp. For example, the electric clipper buzzing and what negative experience had you dog associated with the trigger.
The dog might become more difficult the next time because the animal knows that restraint will be used. If you use the muzzle too much the dog may become aggressive as he is restrained and learns not to like the muzzle.

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