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Other CausesThyroid dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies and other health problems can cause itchy skin, and other skin and coat problems may prompt excessive biting or chewing. Contact dermatitis results from exposure to an environmental irritant and may leave your dog biting and chewing herself. Remove anything stuck in your dog's skin and ask your vet about an appropriate topical antibiotic and anti-itch product.

If your dog continues biting excessively, not only is there an underlying problem, she may also injure herself or develop sores or an infection. Dogs with bone, ligament or joint problems sometimes react to the pain by biting themselves.
A small fracture or tear may be to blame, or your dog may have arthritis, hip dysplasia or another degenerative condition.

Prompt removal is important not only to stop your dog from biting herself, but to limit the chances of disease transmission.

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