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While any dog might display separation anxiety, the behavior is adopted from foster situation or a pound, or more prevalent in dogs who have been rehomed.
If possible, make use of a video camera to record your dog’s behavior for a veterinary therapist or your vet. This allows the professionals to find out the conduct your dog displays, along with the tripping episodes.

Helping a dog overcome separation anxiety takes some effort, and possibly professional help, but you can get to the stage where it’s safe to leave your dog alone.
A neurotransmitter, serotonin, can reduce stress in your furry friend, and works as a mood regulator.
Dogs with separation anxiety do not need you out of their sight for a minute, although most dogs like to maintain the area in their owners.

That can include putting in your shoes well before taking out your car keys or exiting often when you don’t have any intention of going anyplace.

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