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Separation anxiety can result from suffering a traumatic experience, such as a major earthquake or becoming lost in unfamiliar surroundings.
Leave Kongs stuffed with peanut butter or cottage cheese ready for him to dig into as soon as you leave. Unfortunately, sometimes separation anxiety just isn’t preventable, especially with an older dog. When he can do that without exhibiting any signs of distress, add picking up your briefcase. The key is teaching him that leaving him alone actually means good things — the goal is for him to associate your departure with something positive.

See that he receives plenty of physical and mental exercise and that he gets lots of time with you.
Dogs who’ve been properly introduced to their crate tend to feel safe and secure in this private den. It is strongly recommended that you seek help from a reputable behaviorist if you think desensitization is your best treatment option. In some cases, dogs prefer the sanctuary of a crate to being left alone in a big open house.
In fact, a diagnosis of separation anxiety in no way precludes a healthy and happy existence for your dog.

You’ll continue adding actions, in baby steps, until you can leave the house for a period of an hour or more without consequence.

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