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When that owner died last year, Sparky found himself at the Dumb Friends League animal shelter.The outlook for adoption for a senior dog with a limited life expectancy isn't promising.
But Sparky got a stroke of good luck.Peggy Coolehan gives a big hug to Sparky, her 13-year-old rescue dog. Rhea Dodd worked with Coolehan and Sparky on techniques to resolve Sparky's separation anxiety and behavior issues.
And she thought an older canine would fit the bill."I wanted a mellow dog, easy to take care of," Coolehan said.

But what Sparky had been through had apparently thoroughly traumatized him.AdvertisementEvery time Coolehan left her brightly decorated second-story flat in Denver's Highland neighborhood, he cried, howled and shook like an aspen leaf. Then he would go into the bathroom and chew up whatever he could."I knew there would be an adjustment period (with a new dog)," Coolehan said. A dog with separation anxiety might urinate, defecate, bark, howl, chew, dig or try to escape.
But it takes persistence and dedication, even with medication.Dodd and Coolehan employed an exercise in which Coolehan repeatedly went out the front door, then returned after varying times of absence.

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