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It is normal for puppies to mouth, chew, gnaw and bite everything they come across – a dog's mouth is sensitive and young puppies are simply investigating their world. Take a Time Out When a puppy bites too hard, make a loud, sharp yelping noise, similar to how another puppy would react to too-rough play. Reward Good Reactions When a puppy learns the signals for not biting and responds appropriately to your commands to stop, reward that training with a small treat, gesture of affection or good word. Try Taste Deterrents If a puppy won't stop chewing on inappropriate items, use bitter-tasting sprays or wipes to discourage their interest.
Keep Training the Puppy Puppies need leadership, and ongoing training sessions will help dog owners establish their natural dominance over their pets. Provide Plentiful Exercise A puppy with too much energy will eagerly investigate everything nearby, chewing and gnawing to satiate its curiosity. The most important thing any dog owner can do to keep their puppy from biting is to be consistent. I was talking to my neighbor the other day about Lucy, our puggle dog and how she is chewing on practically everything these days.
My neighbor suggested that we either get her a new chew toy, like a puppy kong  that I can stuff with peanut butter or some sort of treat, stick in the freezer for a bit, and then give to her to keep her busy. I have two beagles (I call them my Demon Dogs), and they will get destructive when they get bored.
I have an Akita, definitely a completely different type of dog, but they are notorious for chewing destructively! My friend has a lab that when she was a puppy had a bad habit of chewing on electrical cords so to stop this she put oil of cloves on the cords and the shewing stopped.
I also always try to make any treat I give her a game — in that she has to work hard to get it.
I had the same problem with my beagle, and not to be discouraging, but with him, he was still chewing on all my beautiful shoes when he was five years old.
I’m not too sure about the problem with chewing, but my little doggy had to have an overnight stay at the vet due to poisoning from chewing on a Sharpie.

There is a spray you can get that tastes bad & is supposed to deter the dog from chewing. As their jaws grow stronger and their teeth mature, however, simple bites can start causing damage and may be painful, and it is wise for dog owners to teach their puppies not to bite from an early age. Stop moving and let your hand go limp, and the puppy should be startled and release your hand. This teaches the puppy what can be chewed on and what cannot, but still allows them to exercise their teeth and jaws. Do not play these games with young puppies until they have learned to control their bites and know what they can and cannot chew on. Puppies want the approval of their pack and leaders, and if you offer that approval when they stop biting, they will quickly learn what behavior is desirable.
Bitter apple products are effective, or you can opt for apple cider vinegar wiped onto items until the puppy learns not to chew, and you can even put a light coating on hands or feet to discourage biting.
When puppies learn who is in charge, they will no longer treat that leader as a chew toy and biting will diminish.
All family members should use the same techniques and training cues to help the puppy learn the proper behavior, or else the puppy may get confused and be uncertain about what is or isn't acceptable. Most of the time, they are super-duper lazy, but since they are hunting dogs they can get pent up energy. Wild dogs mouth as a way to get food from older dogs and of course to play, but it can sure become a bad habit in a hurry, so be patient, and consistant. Puppies normally learn to control their bite pressure from their mothers and littermates, but it is easy for human owners to simulate those lessons and teach puppies proper behavior. Refuse to start playing again for a minute or two, until the puppy shows contriteness by lowering its ears, licking or whining. Never use harsh cleaning chemicals or other potentially toxic or poisonous options, however.
A trained puppy will also be more likely to obey additional commands to stop biting or chewing.

Provide puppies with plenty of walks and other exercise to work off their abundant energy so they are less likely to engage in idle chewing. If they are consistently trained, however, a puppy will quickly learn that biting isn't appropriate, and both puppies and their owners can enjoy gentle, happy play. For example, last week one of them figured out how to push a bench next to the kitchen counter, hop up on it, and steal a 3 lb bag of apples.
We tried EVERYTHING with our dog: sour apple spray, chew toys, a muzzle, confining him to one room… everything! That has stopped all chewing, herding and food possessiveness in our dog – within just two weeks! I sprayed everything that I didn’t want her to chew once and she has never touched it again.
What worked for us was also lots of exercise and play, and making absolutely sure nothing like shoes, pens, books, etc were left out where she would get them. The instructor at puppy school told me that they grow out of their chewing stage at around 7 months old–give or take a month. You can get it at most pet stores, it wont harm them, they could even eat it if they wanted (tastes horrible, I tried it). Also, we were taught by our trainer not to give any attention to the chewing or destructive behavior, because dogs often cant differentiate between negative or positive behavior. She eats EVERYTHING, she has so many chew toys and bones but she chooses to go for the shoes, glasses, crayons, HOMEWORK, and anything she can get her paws on. Instead replace the item that she isn’t suppose to be chewing with the item she should be.

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