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It can help with housebreaking, calming down, and providing a nice place for them to play with their toys!Crating a puppy is an individual choice for each family. Then switch!2) Make sure you're not accidentally playing 'chase' with your dog when its chewing on something its not supposed to! Tons of smart puppies learn quickly to get to play chase, all they have to do is grab something that doesn't belong to them !3) You can use a taste deterrent, but make sure to try them first yourself!
Some puppies get sick from them.4) Make sure your puppy has enough great and satisfying chew toys.

If the area is large, though, the pup or dog may eliminate (bathroom) in a different area than they sleep in. Your pup should be able to stay in the crate while you sleep (anywhere between 5-8 hours for an 8.5 week old puppy), while you are in the same room doing something else, and while you are not at home. When your puppy finally enters the crate, feed them there for as long as possible encouraging them to stay put. Don't use the crate punish your puppy, but you can use the crate to calm them if they are acting "overtired" and rambunctious and haven't napped in a few hours.My dog has separation anxiety.

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