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A little encouragement and perhaps a small treat will help your stubborn puppy learn to walk on a leash.
A leash may look like a cue for tug-of-war to your puppy, who is still learning all about the world. Choose a Collar and LeashSelect an appropriate collar and leash to get your pup moving in the right direction. Help Puppy Adjust to the CollarPlace the collar on your puppy when he is busy being distracted by something else such as food or fun toys.

That leash thing just might not make much sense yet—so while your puppy may be stubborn, with a mind of his own, he may also need a little patience to understand that a leash means time for wonderful walks. Although this may seem like a no-brainer, a vast variety of leashes are available on the market.
Selecting the right one is important for helping your puppy to adjust to this new feeling of a strange contraption around his neck. Some puppies may be hesitant to walk on the leash and decide to take a seat, looking around in bewilderment.

A flat canvas collar that is lightweight, along with a lightweight leash, are best for a pup, according to Cesar's Way.
A good rule of thumb is that you should easily be able to slip two fingers in between the collar and your puppy.

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