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While a dog bark is perfectly natural, a Labrador barking too much is a headache for an owner and a nuisance for neighbors.
Excessive Barking And Territorial Aggression Not rated yetWe recently adopted our black lab grandchild.
After birth, a pup makes a "mew" type noise when they are uncomfortable and need warmth of the mother or food.
It goes without saying that a puppy should never be encouraged to bark at people or other animals.Behavior training sessions should never be longer than 5 to 10 minutes. Correcting or stopping barking means that the owner has to first understand the trigger for the bark, and then either eliminate or modify the behavior based on this understanding.Alert and Warning Dog BarksThis falls under the acceptable types of dog barks. This can occur in a number of situation including:separation anxietyhyper excitementobsessive-compulsive barking (barking at a leaf that falls)aggressive barkingIf your dog suffers from this type of issue, then it is best to work with a veterinarian for medications, and a professional trainer.
The sounds get louder in intensity when the pup has bigger problems such as when frustrated or is the puppy is hurt.
The approach to this type of barking is to provide a distraction whenever it starts such as a Kong Toy as shown above.Separation Anxiety and BarkingA dog that is anxious when someone or another dog leaves may bark.
There are many triggers for barking including when a stranger enters the home, when something is out of the ordinary such as a strange sound or noise. For example, if a dog barks to get attention, if an owner responds, then the behavior is positively reinforced.

The other problem is that you may not be around to provide a positive reward such as a treat after the barking stops. The problem is that since these people pass by, the dog actually thinks that the barking caused the person to move out of his territory.One approach is to keep a dog away from the window.
Dogs that are outdoors learn that the howl sound can carry long distances as a way of communicating to other dogs. The howl is also used to set the boundary of a territory, to find other dogs, and to let the pack know where to hunt or attack.
After two barks, stop knocking and have someone else distract the dog in order to divert attention to something else. If she stops, say "enough" and provide praise and a treat.If the puppy does not stop put a treat in front of her nose.
The goal is to have the puppy associate the word "enough" with the behavior to stop barking.If a dog is afraid, such as fear of a new visitor, then a different approach is required. Providing a walk before you leave will also keep the dog from getting bored.Destructive Dogs and BarkingIf a dog is destructive, get a hidden video camera and tape your dog when you leave.
When people get really close, have them throw treats to the dog, so treats are associated with people. You might discover that the dog get anxious and starts to destroy household items only right before you usually come home.

Do this in open areas away from others not involved in the training to avoid distractions or confusion.Attention Getting Dog Bark BehaviorSome Labrador barking is to get attention. Often this behavior is taught when the dog is young To undue this type of behavior, simply ignore the dog until he or she learns that barking doesn't equal play time, treats or a pat on the head.Even if you say "enough" to the Labrador dog barking, it is still a form of attention, which reinforces the behavior.
This will startle the dog and being to associate barking with an unfamiliar and uncomfortable sound. Other forms of reward can be a walk or play time.Dog Barking During PlayIf a dog wants to play, expect barks that are short. A dog will sometimes break out into a bark when it gets over excited, particularly when playing a game. The key to stopping this dog bark is to stop play for a little while.Barking Response to Other DogsDogs use barking to identify themselves in a pack, particularly over short distances. The best approach for this kind of barking is to try and increase the number of walks or exercise sessions. You could also buy a Kong toy which keeps dogs entertained via a hidden treat that they have to figure out how to get.

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