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As your dog learns that silence is rewarded with treats and barking is ignored, you'll need to gradually extend the period of time that your dog must be quiet before receiving a treat.
For best results, vary the amount of time your dog must remain quiet before getting a treat.
Be aware that counterconditioning typically only works for mild cases of separation anxiety.
Once your dog can be comfortably left alone for 90 minutes, she will most likely be able to handle four to eight hours of solitude.
If you are consistent with your training and practice several times each day on the weekends and at least twice a day on weekdays (such as before work and in the evening), you may be able to accomplish long-term comfort in under a month.[37] However, every dog is different, and your dog may need a longer training period or more training sessions each day. Many dog owners are familiar with this situation: You leave for work (your puppy seems fine at the time), and then after being gone for eight hours you come home to reports from your neighbors of incessant barking while you were gone.
When you’re getting ready to leave for work, consider closing your curtains and turning on your television, radio or a white-noise machine. This extra bit of attention and exercise would likely go a long way toward keeping him from barking while you’re out of the house.
If your large dog's constant barking resembles a chainsaw, you might find yourself wishing you had a smaller dog instead -- the barking wouldn't be as loud and you might not have to deal with complaining neighbors.
Step 3Close the window curtains or blinds if your pet companion's barking is triggered by something outside, such as people passing by or a teasing squirrel, bird or cat. Step 6Clang two metal pans together if you want your dog's attention-barking to stop immediately.
Step 7Put a head halter and leash on your dog if his barking occurs when you're walking him. Don't yell at your dog to get him to stop barking -- it encourages his behavior, because he thinks you're barking back at him and joining in on the fun.
Also called "attention-seeking barking," request barking is a common problem for dog owners.

When your dog finally does stop barking, it's important that you praise and reward her for her silence.
Counterconditioning is a common treatment method for dogs that typically involves training the dog to associate something fearful with a reward. But even then, it's best to use an alternate door (if possible) than the one you typically use to leave for work.
It takes a lot of training and practice to get your dog comfortable with prolonged absences. If your dog barks compulsively for no reason, or tends to bark when she's left alone (in the yard, for example), she may be engaging in boredom barking. In addition to exercise, leaving distractions around the house is a great way to inhibit problem behaviors like boredom barking. If your dog has barking problems whenever she sees or hears something outside, a simple solution might be to block her access to seeing or hearing that trigger. Bark deterrents like anti-bark collars are very unpleasant for dogs, and should only be used as a last resort when no other method has worked. These collars typically have a number of different settings to change how intense the shock is, and if using one of these collars it is best to use the lowest setting possible to prevent injury to the dog.
Barking can be a response to perceived threats or exciting sights– like that squirrel on the tree just outside of your living room window.
Create a DIY treat for your dog by buying a tennis ball and cutting a small 2-inch slice along the side. Kongs are specifically made to keep dogs entertained, so Fido will be occupied for a long time trying to get every last drop of frozen peanut butter out of the toy. Trainers will be able to teach you several other tools you need to know to stop dog barking permanently.
Avoid paying attention to him or else you're teaching him his barking is effective and you're reinforcing his noisy behavior.

To be effective, the noise you make has to be louder than your dog's barking and has to occur each time your dog starts barking. The first step to quieting your dog's barking is to find out why she is making so much noise. The first step to breaking a dog's request barking is to stop giving your dog what she wants whenever she barks. A good way to get your dog more accustomed to solitude is to gradually desensitize her to being left alone and reinforce the fact that getting ready to leave does not mean abandonment. While walking your dog is, of course, an important part of getting her exercise (even if you have a fenced-in yard), it may not be enough.
No matter what kind of expert you choose, you should always check the person's qualifications and look for recommendations or reviews online. Give him challenging food-stuffed dog toys and schedule daily obedience training sessions for mental stimulation. Over time, your pet companion will realize that his barking triggers the unpleasant noise and he might prefer to stay quiet instead.
Once you've determined why she's barking, you'll know what actions to take to get her to stop. Learning how to silence your barking dog can help ensure a quiet community and keep you out of trouble with the law. Repeat this tactic several times, gradually extending the time that your dog has to be quiet before getting the treat. It might take a while, but eventually your dog will realize that being quiet gets him what he wants, and that his barking isn't effective.

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