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If you’re handy, build a raised study platform with plenty of room for your cat’s litter box. Most pet owners find setting up a baby gate with a tiny access door built into the side of a gate provides cats easy access to their litter box while keeping the dog out. Removing fecal matter right after it happens is the best way to keep your dog from eating cat poop. For some reason, we feel that enclosing a cat’s litter box will keep our dogs from eating cat poop, but it’s just not true.
This is usually the first step most pet owners are given once they’ve discovered their dog eats cat feces. Dog Training Nation strives to provide you the best dog training and other dog-related tips in the industry. We can speculate that the cat’s high protein and fat diet is appealing to dogs, but we really don’t know for sure.

Add an easy-to-clean surface and additional square footage, so your cat can walk, turn around the litter box and exit either side of the box. Just make sure your barrier is super sturdy and your cat can easily access his litter box when needed. I’ve witnessed numerous dogs carefully reach their heads inside the flapping door and eat their hearts out. Punishment will only teach your dog to quietly eat cat poop or only raid the litter box when you’re not around. I know it’s beyond disgusting and, unfortunately, I’ve never met a dog that could resist it. What I do know is allowing your dog complete access to the litter box will only make it worse. I would probably discourage placing the litter box on top of these machines, as cats can be very finicky about their potty areas.

Stool deterrents are added to your cat’s meal with the hope they’ll provide a nasty taste to cat feces. If your dog is found eating cat poop, pledge to do better by moving the litter box away from your dog’s reach. We cover a range of topics, from socializing puppies to dealing with aggressive dog behavior to selecting the best dog products.

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