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While chasing a tail appears to be a pointless activity that takes your dog nowhere, biting it can actually lead him somewhere: into trouble! Step 1Watch your dog carefully and assess in what context the tail-biting behavior is taking place.
Consult with a dog behavior specialist if you suspect a behavioral issue such as an obsessive disorder or separation anxiety. Preventing tail-biting in the case of a behavioral problem may cause your dog to find another replacement behavior to soothe himself. Failure to seek professional help may lead to substantial damage to the tail that in severe cases may involve amputation. It’s conceivable that some canines go on to chase their tails once they became adults since it entertains their owners. In the event, you don’t want your puppy to chase his tail it’s not essential to punish your doggie and also to be rough with him. The solution is merely to cease giving him the constructive reinforcement. There are canines that might chase their tail, in case there is some form of bodily problem regarding their tail.
With its tail-chasing, your puppy or adult dog is attempting to capture the tip of his tail (in general). Quite often, the tail-chasing could become a cogency, for example, an excessive constraint behavior. If your puppy or adult dog does grow this coercive tail-chasing habit, you ought to consult with your vet.
Obsessive behavior means that the dog compulsive performs a series of movement, which becomes its habit sometime.
In this case, the dogs are obsessed to chasing their tails around – while ignoring the world around them. About Latest Posts Alex SparrowAlex Sparrow is a dog enthusiastic for more than six decades. My dog licking paw chewing itchy feet, My dog is licking his paw and chewing his itchy feet. How stop puppy biting: training puppies bite, It’ important puppy learn curb mouthy behavior, biting nipping.

My dog chewing paws raw – questions, My dog chewing paws raw dog chews paws raw. While this lamp-shade collar may be frustrating for your dog to wear, it is an effective management tool many vets recommended. Helpful commands stop your dog from focusing on his tail while offering him an alternate behavior to do. Attention-seeking dogs may find any form of positive or negative attention rewarding enough to keep the tail-biting behavior alive. She specializes in canine topics, previously working for the American Animal Hospital Association and receiving certification from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. This issue can be solved by supplying your pup or adult dog with numerous enjoyable toys and secure things to chew on.
They got to know that chasing their tail will get them heed and results in their homeowners to titter and let them have affection.
In a case like this, it seems to be similar to your puppy who’s chasing his tail for amusement.
If there is a physical drawback, your pet is commonly trying to catch the base of its tail or its body. The tail-chasing also can happen after some physical injury, surgical procedure or ailment.
Considering the dog population, around 2 % of them have chance to get compulsive untidiness. If you happen to suppose this is excessive, doggies who chase their tails compulsively might achieve this for many hours per day.
He was writing over 350 articles, reports so far about how to live with your dogs harmoniously. Living with dogs more than six decades, I share my experiences here thinking you'll benefit from. Once the vet determines the underlying cause of the tail-biting behavior, the underlying cause may be addressed and the case may be closed.
If you laugh, scold or make eye contact the moment your dog is chomping on his tail, he may enjoy it to an extent of repeating the behavior over and over to gain his daily dosage of fame.

Stuffing a Kong with cream cheese, peanut butter or frozen gravy is a great way to entertain your dog. If tail biting or tail chasing is ignored, it can and often does become a serious behavior disorder. Puppies appear to get conscious that they possess tails and, subsequently, that is something they’re attempting to catch.
However, also it might be an indication that your animal is bored and is seeking a way to amuse himself.
This way, he will have a possibility to choose other entertaining options instead tail chasing.
But, for instance, your puppy could have a flea chew at the bottom of his tail, and it certainly is driving him mad. German Shepherds and Bull Terriers appear to be extra susceptible to tail-chasing compared to other dog breeds. There may be some proof that this tail-chasing conduct could also be connected with high cholesterol within the nutrition. Some smart pooches may be able to remove such a collar in half a minute and go back to eating their tails in no time. The best approach, in such a case, is to ignore the behavior or even leave the room when your dog engages in it. If your dog is biting his tail due to boredom, frustration or conflict, improve his lifestyle by providing sufficient exercise, play and interactive toys.
Examine your dog's tail carefully for signs of irritation, swelling, scrapes, pus, parasites and any other abnormalities. However, if tail biting is not corrected early enough, it can become an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). As your dog gets good at this, you can replace the treat with a longer-lasting reward such as a safe chew toy or bone.

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