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This course is designed for those who have a basic understanding of dogs and dog training and are interesting in furthering their education in order to progress to the advanced diploma. This course is also ideal for dog owners, dog groomers, veterinary staff or kennel staff who want to provide the best for the dogs in their care.
While theory is vitally important to become a dog trainer, it is also extremely important that students have excellent dog handling skills.
Weekend training sessions will introduce the content of each unit, but you would be expected to dedicate 10 hours per week to study and research at home.
This course includes many hours of hands on time with dogs, and you would be expected to have access to dogs to ensure you can develop your training skills in your down time. Due to the nature of this course, and the vast amount of hands on time with dogs, access to a dog is necessary for successful completion of this course.
Grooming services are also available from our close partner, Mirella, from Pampered Pets Ireland, with a very convenient pick up and drop off service from day care at hand.
Jo has many years of experience in the Adult Training & Education Industry where she has developed the necessary communication skills to effectively impart her methodology and techniques to dog owners; she’ll be teaching you how to work with your dog, so these skills are invaluable!
Linda WalshMuckyhound Day Care Crew and Assistant TrainerLinda joined Muckyhound during the summer of 2014 as part of the daycare crew and is now assisting in group training classes. Orla BarryAgility TrainerOrla has been a dog aglity handler for the past 9 years and has enjoyed this pasttime immensely.

Paul Callaghan Day Care Crew Member and Assistant TrainerPaul joined our Day Care team in 2014 and since started assisting on the group training classes and on-on-one behaviour sessions. It should be noted that a long standing, ‘hands on’ knowledge of dogs will not normally be accepted as adequate qualification to register on this programme without prior study although each case is judged on its own merits.
Muckyhound was founded by Jo Malherbe, who started her professional dog training career back in 2010. Her love of dogs began when she was a child as she grew up with dogs as a part of her family. Moreover, Jo draws on many scientifically proven training techniques which are both human and dog friendly. Her involvement in rescue organisations in Ireland started in 2005 as a volunteer for the NWSPCA. She is very passionate about dogs; she owns three rescue dogs and often fosters dogs from NWSPCA. She first started training with Liam O’Brian in WCAI and successfully competed with her much loved Izzy.
He is a qualified Canine First Responder, just completed the first phase of the Institute Of Modern Dog Training, Dog Training Qualification.
Both her father and her grandfather were involved in professional equine training and practised mostly unheard of and often frowned upon force-free methods from the 1930s.

Jo is a certified Canine Behaviour and Training Technician, a qualification that requires continued education points being achieved each year, ensuring exposure to the most up to date training techniques and scientific research in the field of canine behaviour and training. Muckyhound also has amazing facilities for doggy day care, where your four legged friends can socialise, play and learn in a secure supervised and fun environment.  When required we also offer one-to-one training sessions on site at our training centre or at the clients home. When the situation requires Jo assists in helping rescue dogs where behaviour might impede future adoption. Linda is currently undergoing training, both practical and theoretical in order to become a professional trainer. Orla began to successfully train dog agility and pet obedience in 2010 for the Wexford Dog Training Club and joined Muckyhound in 2014.
Linda completed the first phase of the Institute Of Modern Dog Training, Dog Training Qualification.

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