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Bob at All-American K-9 is competent, caring, takes his time to explain the steps of training, professional and understands the emotional bond you have with your dog (family member).
I would have never believed the behavior outcome of the dog I now have, its truly astonishing! Our dog, Ricky Bobby, was nipping at hands, jumping on everyone and bolting out of the house every chance he got – but no longer!!
As you know, we recently completed your 4 week basic training course for our recently rescued 7 year old Boxer mix, Tank.
You trained us on how to use the electronic collar effectively and humanely in working with Tank. You also told us how to start handling Tank’s separation anxiety behaviors, using a remote camera and the electronic collar to reinforce that attempted escape from the crate, and other unwanted behaviors, will result in quick and relevant corrections. In summary, Gerry and I think your training of us, as the actual dog trainers, was terrific! Now that we have worked with Bob at All-American K-9 and utilized his knowledgeable training methods, Bob Solimini in our experience is the best dog trainer that you can hire. I first met Bob back in 2005 when he leashed trained our first puppy Hunter, another feisty English springer spaniel.  As a testament to Bob’s results, I am a repeat customer.
I am a breeder of quality Springer Spaniels.  All American K-9 is the only training facility I recommend for my customers. Bob, you will always have my respect and acknowledgment that you are the best there is and I am very fortunate to have you train my pup and myself.
I have to admit I wasn’t completely convinced that teaching Trevor to walk off leash was going to help, but literally after the first class, I began to see a change in Trevor’s behavior, and by the end of the 4th week, Trevor had become calmer, easier to manage, and has turned into a great listener – not just a ‘when I feel like it’ listener as he had been.
I always thought I was a good dog owner, but All-American K-9 taught me what a dog needs and how they need to be treated to understand their place in the world. The training and support given by Bob at the All-American K-9 met and exceeded our expectations for training our dog!
My Family and I are EXTREMELY pleased with how well our yellow lab responded to your method of training. This comprehensive four semester program is taught by credentialed staff, certified through the Arizona Department of Education. At the conclusion of the program a graduation ceremony is held, and at this time the students turn over their fully trained and certified dogs to local heroes in need of assistance. He was up front about any potential obstacles we might have (our dog is extremely stubborn and he caught that trait immediately). There was no incessant pulling on a choke collar, tugging on a pinch collar, pulling back on a harness, or bribing our dog with endless treats.

Use of the remote collar becomes more a tool than a crutch really fast, and such a simple teaching tool for both the dog and the owner. Before choosing yet another training program for Trevor, I interviewed several local dog trainers who used various training methods, but as soon as I met Bob at All-American K-9, I felt like he could really help us. What I spent on training classes, collars and quick fixes added up to cost much more than training with Bob.
I am so happy that he has turned out to be a great dog, who listens, comes when I call him and is getting better with people.  Even after the first class with you, I could see a big difference in him.
Before taking the off leash course at All-American K-9 , my dog was awful on walks, pulling and sniffing, and very dog aggressive. Your business was recommended by a co-worker who knew I was having behavioral problems with my dog.
His prior owner kept him on a leash most of the day so when he came to our home he needed to be taught how to behave properly. For personal reasons I was facing the difficult decision of finding a home for Harley before his training. He utilized quick, humane and effective ways for our dog to be a remarkably well behaved canine citizen. I have tried other trainers  with my other dog and after months of training was not happy with the results.
I had taken him to three other trainers including a six week overnight training that accomplished very little and all three were a complete waste of money. We had spent NUMEROUS hours and dollars trying the clicker training method with no prevail. Woven throughout this program are leadership opportunities, whereby students attend FSDS sponsored functions to assist in providing education to the community on service dog and disability issues. I had taken him to ‘aggressive dog training’ but all I learned was how to walk, click and shove treats in his mouth all at the same time.
I had heard good things from other people who brought their dog to All-American K-9, and now I can confirm that from my own personal experience. Tikaani, our husky, is just as playful, curious and confidant as before training with Bob at the Doggie Boot Camp but now he’s also very well behaved and a loved member of our family. Our eight month old Boxer still gets very excited about visitors and other dogs, but now we don’t have to worry about her jumping up on them.
During our first obedience class the trainer had the dog and I walk through a line of dogs also enrolled in the class. I am buying a new puppy in August and will be bringing her to All-American K-9 for her training.

Bob is so incredibly knowledgeable about dog training as well as proper nutritional care for dogs – my husband and I have learned so much.
She never had bitten another animal, however, she still, of course, just needed to be a good canine citizen and behave herself. I can answer some of their questions, but some of these dogs need the help of an experienced trainer. Friends are amazed at how well behaved such a young dog (just seven months old) can be both at home, or away. We were told that he could not be trained there because of his aggression issues (the very reason we TOOK him there!). The dog seems more confident now because we have a common understanding and he knows what is expected of him.
Overall, I am very happy with my decision to use All-American K-9 for my dogs needs – I would definitely recommend their services to anyone! I would reccomend All-American K-9 to anybody who wants to train their dog correctly and quickly. Ollie is now 6 months old and we have so much fun with him because he respects us thanks to the off leash program, it has taken 2 years worth of a lot of training into just 4 easy weeks. After several encounters with a pit-bull, two boxers and a black lab we were at a loss on how to help him control his aggression. We knew giving Dillon up was not a choice as he was a great family dog and was loyal and sweet to our immediate family and close friends. He met with us at his facility, where we discussed our issues, concerns, and goals for our dog. However, it was Bob’s positive, confident, encouraging manner that made us feel like there was light at the end of the tunnel. We enrolled Dillon in the off leash program and after the first class we had regained control over our dog and established ourselves as our dog’s leader! With consistent practice he built up his training and by the end of the third class we were able to have complete control of our once unpredictable, aggressive dog! I even recommended Bob’s services to a couple that came in with an uncontrollable German Shepard who was dog aggressive.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping Dillon become the good boy we always knew he could be!

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