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A Consumer Reports post offers some resources for figuring out just how much it costs to own various pets.
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One day when Leigh looked, the price for a 3 month package for 89-132 pound dogs was $16.84. Web sites offering day care for dogs on their premises and generally includes socialization with other dogs. Way in the past - it seems like several lifetimes ago now - we lived on a farm and we always had several dogs.

She didn't particularly like it, but she stoically bore her burden and smelled much better when she got done. Leigh discovered that, for whatever reason, the version for 89 to 132 pound dogs was cheaper than the version for smaller dogs. Notice how crazy the price difference is here - you save $45 by buying two 6-month packages instead of one 12-month package. A couple of boards had come loose, and Trixie had learned how to exploit the hole and get in the neighbor's yard. The woman we had been using was no longer keeping dogs, but she recommended another woman and we left Trixie with her. Perhaps this is because she lived for several months in a small pen at the shelter, and all the dogs go in their pens.

Before Frontline, these dogs would get an unbelievable number of ticks (and thousands of fleas) in the summer. Adding $12 per day gives you doggy day camp, which means your dog gets to spend 9AM to 5PM in a big room playing with other dogs.

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