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If you have a pet that does not do well waiting in crowded areas, please consider alternate veterinary care options.
Comfortis: a once-a-month chew tab used to control and prevent flea infestations in dogs and cats.
Pugs, bull dogs, and other breeds with short faces may have respiratory issues when stressed.

You may be called up a few minutes before the veterinarian sees you so that our vet staff can help get your pet’s weight, heart rate, and other physical measurements. Our veterinary staff may advise you to get emergency veterinary care at a nearby hospital if your pet is in crisis. Cats 6 months and older who are behind on their vaccines will need two rounds of FVRCP vaccination to get up to speed.

The vaccination schedule for cats and kittens, which vaccines every cat should get (core), and which ones may be optional (noncore) according to the American.

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