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Crate-Train Your DogThe quickest and easiest way to prevent your dog from chewing up the carpet is to crate-train him. Use Taste DeterrentsIf your dog has particular areas he likes to chew, such as around the door frame or the top of the stairs, you can put a quick stop to his bad behavior by using a commercial taste deterrent. Increase His ExerciseBad behavior, such as chewing on carpet, is often the result of your dog having too much energy. Visit the VetIf you have worked diligently with your dog -- changing his lifestyle so he gets plenty of exercise and making sure he's supervised closely when loose in the house -- and he still wants to chew the carpet, a visit to the vet may be in order. Perfect paws: dog puppy training - chewing, Puppy training tips preventing puppy destructive chewing destroying house belongings.
How stop labrador chewing , In article ’ll puppies chew, stop, stop labrador dog puppy chewing .. Separation anxiety is more common among small breeds, because they tend to be cuddled and coddled more than large dogs. If your dog is experiencing separation anxiety and doing damage while you are away from home, you may want to try distracting her with food and toys.
This entry was posted in Training and tagged chewing, destructive chewing, distructive, dog behaior, dog behavior, obedience, power chewers, tree, tv by Aimee Amodio. Crate-training has other benefits as well -- it is much easier to house-train a dog who is crate-trained, and he will also stay out of trouble more easily if you can stick him in the crate while you aren't around.

Don't assume that because he has access to a fenced yard or you take him on a walk every day that your dog is getting enough exercise. Don't leave him alone in the house while you go outside to get the mail, or leaving him sleeping in the living room while you take a shower. Chances are he just discovered it and is making the most of the new thing by chewing it to his heart's content. If he's a young puppy, he might be teething and desperately looking for something to chew on to alleviate the pain and discomfort.
Whatever his reason for acting badly, you want to stop him and redirect his attention before he destroys your carpets. It's normal for your dog to whine or bark when initially introduced to the crate, but most dogs quickly come around to spending time there. Introduce your dog to the taste deterrent by wetting a cotton ball with the liquid and handing it to your dog. Once your dog has shown that he will chew on the carpet, it's up to you to keep an eye on him constantly until the issue is resolved. If your vet suspects that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, he can give you some tips for behavior modification as well as prescription medication that may ease his symptoms. Pet stores sell toys similar to -- but stronger than -- the ones available for teething babies.

Bones are usually more interesting to chew than carpet because they taste better and last longer -- so accommodate Rover with lots of chewable treats. You can ease the transition by having a special toy, perhaps a chew toy you can fill with treats, that he only gets when crated.
This way he will associate the odor with the taste, and when he smells it on the carpet he will automatically avoid it. Or you can get him rubber balls or soft toys to help soothe his gums and stay away from the carpet.
Next time he goes to chew on it, he'll taste whatever you spray -- hopefully it will be disgusting enough to convince him to not try again.
Taste deterrents are safe on most surfaces, but you may want to do a test spray behind the sofa or in some other unobtrusive area to make sure it doesn't fade or darken your carpet.

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