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It is very important for dog owners to clearly understand what exactly separation anxiety is. It is often difficult to understand how many well trained dogs also go through separation anxiety.
On the other hand, when the dog is really suffering from separation anxiety, it will show signs of being stressed out.
Before you try anything, it is recommended you consult a doctor so that you can be assured that your dog is not ill in any way. Remember: You know your dog more than anyone else so you are the one who can take him out of the trouble. By dealing with the dog with a firm hand, and giving some sort of light punishment to let your dog know that he has misbehaved, can often cure this problem.

Excessive urinating, barking, whining, huffing or salivating also point to many other dog problems, so make sure your dog is checked by the vet. Some dogs experience separation anxiety after they go through any traumatic or life changing events as this changes their outlook about many things. Also changes in normal routine or even shifting houses can sometime cause separation anxiety.
It may start mildly, but can escalate quickly and turn ugly, which can end up making your dog sick. When dogs undergo separation anxiety, they usually show stressed behavior, and also exhibit behavioral issues. Dogs without self-control often exhibit such behavior, which is commonly known as simulated separation anxiety.

Out of all pets, dogs are the ones that are most thoroughly looked after; medically, physically as well as emotionally. All or some of these signs indicate that your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety. If done properly and efficiently you can even get your dog to enjoy the time alone and on his own. At this stage, there should be a proper balance as to when you should take your puppy with you, and when you should leave him home.

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