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Puppies bite and nip during play, which is fine if they are playing with another puppy, but, when it comes to biting you, this is one habit you do not want to encourage.
Once the puppy learns how hard is too hard, he will become gentler and be able to control his bite pressure when playing.
Once you are certain your puppy is well trained in the no teeth method, it is time to teach him that fingers and toes, or other body parts, are not chew toys.

To allow your pup to burn off some excess energy, which will decrease his excited play with you, schedule a play date with other puppies.
Squealing in pain, which works well with puppies up to about nine or 10 weeks, rarely works with slightly older puppies.
Basically your puppy needs to learn that putting teeth on human skin isn’t acceptable and that there’s a consequence.

As soon as you feel teeth, all fun interacting with the puppy stops, only resuming after a short time out.

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